College Football Rivalries Ramp Up as Season Continues

By: Jack Zinman (Sports Editor)

Mayhem in college football is upon us as November is in full swing and certain teams are trying to make a final push for the playoffs. But some teams are falling, ultimately ending their playoff hopes this year.

“The Game of the Century” between Alabama and LSU on November 9, resulted in a game that did not disappoint. 

Junior Daniel Fishman enjoyed every second of the game in which LSU came out victorious. “That was an amazing game, LSU should’ve won by more but as a fan of the game I love to see points,” Fishman said.

LSU won the game 46-41 where the Tigers controlled all the way. Joe Burrow almost certainly locked up the Heisman Trophy with 393 yards, 3 touchdowns all while adding 64 rushing yards.

“By Joe Burrow winning that game, he by far and away proved that he is the best player in the country and is winning the Heisman,” Fishman added.

Senior Kyle Sullivan says that LSU has proved that they are the best team in the nation. “Look at their resume, they have so many good wins, Joe Burrow is elite and their defense is solid. They’re the best,” Sullivan said.

On the other hand, for Alabama, the committee put them on the outside looking in at number 5 in the nation, putting the Tide at risk of missing their first-ever playoff.

Junior Jordan Saks believes that Alabama deserves to get in based on their past. “Every year, Alabama gets in one way or another, they deserve it,” Saks said.

Tua Tagovailoa still managed to have a good despite having an injured ankle, with 418 yards and four touchdowns.

“I mean Tua had a really good game but he just lived in Joe Burrows shadow last week. Despite the injury, he performed well,” Sullivan added.

This past weekend there was another battle between undefeated teams in Minnesota and Penn State. Minnesota proved their legitimacy with a 31-26 win over the then 4th ranked Nittany Lions.

“Minnesota had a huge win this weekend. Good for them but they have a long way to go to make the playoffs. If they win out, they are in a good position,” Fishman added.

Ever since Antione Winfield Jr. picked off Sean Clifford on the first drive, the momentum was with the Gophers.

Minnesota led by as much as 14 in the 3rd but Penn State roared back and got it within five but the Golden Gophers forced a turnover on downs to seal the monumental win.

Head coach P.J. Fleck is honored to be ranked in the top ten this week but he knows it’s not permanent and they’ll have to work for it. “We’re very humbled to be in this position but we have a big rivalry game this week to get ready for,” Fleck said.

The committee gave Minnesota the respect they deserve by giving them the 8th in the country, jumping 9 spots from last week.

On this week’s CFP ranking show, Reece Davis was eager to see where the Golden Gophers would end up. “They didn’t get the respect last week but boy did they deserve it this week,” Davis said.

Penn State took a hit in the rankings this week after suffering their first loss of the season as they are currently sitting at 9th in the nation.

Kirk Herbstreit was in awe when he found out how far Penn State dropped this week. “I knew they would drop but I’m on the edge of my seat to see where they put the Gophers,” Herbstreit said.

The biggest surprise of last weekend’s rankings was how Georgia claimed the 4th spot over Alabama. 

“They have two really good wins against Notre Dame and Florida and I think the committee awarded them over ‘Bama but that loss to USC is just like Ohio State the past couple of years,” Davis added.

The Bulldogs control their own destiny as they face Auburn this week and most likely LSU in the SEC Championship game in December.

Senior Alec Filipkowski sums up the general feeling of college football fans for the rest of the season. “This is going to get really interesting, a lot can and will happen in the next 3 weeks,” Filipkowski said.

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