Finding Good News When We Need It Most

By: Brian Higgins (Correspondent)

During these unprecedented times in which most of the world is in lockdown, it feels like we all are overwhelmed with bad news —.news of more COVID-19 cases, more COVID-19 deaths, and more needs to worry about our health and safety and that of our loved ones. However, it is during times like these where the innate goodness of humanity shines through as people around the world are doing their best to lift the spirits of those around them.

Senior Sam Goodman says he has been seeing so many accounts on Instagram which post some really uplifting acts of humanity. “Every time I look at Instagram now, I see something really cool, and it’s just really uplifting to see,” Goodman said.

The best of humanity is being shown through the nurses and doctors on the frontlines as they put their lives on the line to help strangers as they fight off COVID-19. The world as a whole has been finding ways to thank these healthcare heroes as cities around the world have been organizing times in which people of the city clap from their homes as a way of saying thank you to all of their local healthcare workers.

Big and small businesses as well as individuals have been helping those most at risk, the healthcare workers, by using their resources to build equipment such as ventilators and making masks since hospitals everywhere have been in short supply of these vital items.

Freshman Matthew Baur says that his family has been making masks and giving them to people they know who need them. “My mom and sister have made a lot of masks and given most of them away, and I know a few other people who are doing the same so it’s good to see that we’re all doing our part during this time,” Baur said.

Some people have even gone out of their way to help some of the unsung heroes like delivery drivers as they continue to work. One man posted a video showing that he had put out hand sanitizer and toilet paper for the delivery driver to take for free when they dropped off a package.

Many have also been making sure that people who deserve celebrations get them whether it be a birthday, a birth of a child, or someone’s final chemo treatment, like 15-year old Coco from California. Coco’s mom shared a video of their ride home from the hospital, showing the streets lined with cars as her friends and family threw her a little parade to celebrate her release from the hospital.

Famous actor John Krasinski, most well known for his role as Jim in “The Office,” has recently begun a Youtube channel called “Some Good News” in which he highlights good news from around the world that he asks his followers to send in prior to each episode. He has pulled a lot of strings and helped out a lot of people, and he even did a little interview with Coco herself.

Not only has he been a source of good news lately, but he has also been using his platform to produce even more good news. He recently released an episode in which he called some healthcare workers from Boston as well as David Ortiz, a former Boston Red Sox player, and had Ortiz announce that the Red Sox have donated season tickets for life to everyone at Beth Israel.

The help didn’t stop there, as AT&T pledged to cover the cell phone bills of every single nurse and doctor in the United States for three months despite Krasinski asking them to cover just one.

Senior Viktor Schneider says that with the help of his friends, family, and the good news he sees on social media, he’s been able to keep positive during this tough time. “Having quality time with my family and still being able to talk to my friends has been good for me I think as well as seeing some positive things on social media,” Schneider said.

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