House of Representatives Seats – Live Coverage

By: Emily Mao — School News Editor

***Live updates will be posted starting 8 pm Tuesday, November 3

With the Democrats gaining a historic lead in the house in the 2018 midterms, they are looking to expand that lead even more on November 3rd. Republicans will be fighting a growing democratic wave, as there are some republican seats that are projected to flip this election. According to Cook Political Report, there are 17 republican toss-up seats and 9 democratic toss-ups. Some key seats to keep an eye on are AZ-06, MN-07, GA-07, TX-24, OK-04, PA-01, and NJ-02. 

8:22 PM

Texas 24: Republican Beth Van Duyne is running against democrat Candace Valenzuela in Texas’s 24th district. Because this seat has become an open race, both candidates have been endorsed by their respective party and a lot of funding has been pumped into the race. The district is suburban, where democrats are expected to gain popularity and has also become more racially diverse.The district used to be strongly Republican, but could flip in this upcoming election. Duyne leads by 0.9 with 84% of the votes counted. 

9:00 PM

Georgia 07: Georgia’s 7th district was represented by republican Rob Woodall, but the seat is now open. The race between Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) and Rich McCormick ® is expected to be extremely tight, with CNN identifying the seat as most likely to flip. The district has become more racially diverse, highly educated, and wealthier, which all point to more democratic despite being a republicand district. Bordeaux is a professor at Georgia State and she’s running on universal healthcare. She ran for the seat in 2018 and lost to Woodall by only 433 votes. McCormick is a military veteran, and he’s running on small government. Bordeaux leads by 21.8%, but with only 10% of votes counted. 

9:09 PM

Republicans lead the house with 48 seats to 34 for the democrats. Most results have not come in yet especially for the East and West coast. New Jersey’s second district sees incumbent Jeff Van Drew leading with 1.9% over democrat Amy Kennedy with 55% of the vote counted. Duyne in Texas and Bordeaux in Georgia still maintain their leads.

9:45 PM

Georgia 07: Bordeaux’s lead has decreased to 10.6%, but still holds the lead in Republican territory. 

New Jersey 02: Jeff Van Drew’s lead has increased to 5.4%. He won his seat in New Jersey in 2018, but since then, he switched parties in 2019 and did not support Trump’s impeachment. 

Minnesota 07: Incumbent Collin Peterson is currently in the lead in front of Republican candidate Michelle Fischback by 7% with 2% of the vote counted. Peterson has been able to keep his seat in Minnesota’s rural and Republican district since 1990. Although Peterson is a conservative Democrat, we will see if he is able to hold on to his seat. 

10:09 PM 

Arizona 06: Democrat Hiral Tipirneni is leading by 4.4% with 73% of the vote counted against incumbent David Schweikert. Schweikert has been the representative for the past 10 years, but in 2019, he was fined 50,000 after he admitted to 11 violations of House rules. Although Trump won Arizona back in 2016, Tipirneni has a good chance at flipping the seat due to her opponent’s scandals and the suburban makeup of the district. 

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