Presidential Election – Live Coverage

By: Audrey Trivedi — Correspondent

***Live updates will be posted starting 8 pm Tuesday, November 3

During what is arguably one of the most important Presidential elections in history, the swing states play a crucial role in the outcome of the election. While many swing states tend to lean either right or left, the results can change, and it is important to stay updated on the incoming information regarding these states. Democratic Candidate Joe Biden is currently slightly favored to win in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, and he is more strongly favored to win in Nevada. On the other hand, President Trump is slightly favored to win in both Texas and Iowa while Ohia could go either way. Throughout the night, as votes are hopefully revealed, updates on swing states will become more clear and influential in the result of the election.

8:15 PM 

Candidate Joe Biden has recently won Massachusetts and District of Columbia as well as Vermont. President Trump has already won Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and Oklahoma. The larger swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are receiving votes, and more will come through as the night continues.  As of now, Texas only has 32% of expected voting  counted with Biden at a 9% lead, but an expected win towards Trump. Florida Has 89% of the expected votes counted with a 1% lead towards Trump.

8:40 PM

West Virginia has gone to President Trump, and as the results from Texas are coming through with 55% of expected votes counted, President Trump is climbing in points and steadily closing the gap from the earlier vote. With 91% of the vote counted in Florida, President Trump has a 3 point lead, but with 68% of the vote in North Carolina, Biden is up 6%.

9:00 PM

As polls begin to close in many other states, President Trump has won Arkansas, and New York has been called in favor of Biden. The current standing on ABC with New York counted but lacking larger states such as Texas and Florida shows Biden with 72 electors and Trump with 48.


Texas has now received 70% of the vote, and it is exceptionally close between the two candidates. Although the large majority of votes have not been counted yet, South and North Dakota, South Carolina, and Alabama have been called for President Trump, and Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, and Delaware have been called for Biden.

10:00 PM

As of right now, 20% of the expected vote has come through in Pennsylvania, and it is in favor of President Trump by 3% with a large amount of votes to go. Texas has officially pulled ahead with the President in the lead by 2% and 77% of the vote reported, but this was somewhat expected since the vote has leaned towards him as more results are revealed. With half of the votes currently recorded in Georgia, President Trump is also pulling ahead by 13%. On the other hand, as 69% of the vote comes through in Arizona, a key state for the Democrats, Biden is up by 10%.

Important states that are currently being watched are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The polls are closing, and more important, election deciding votes are coming through throughout the country as the night goes on. 


ABC puts Joe Biden at 93 electoral votes and Donald Trump with 80 votes. Polls have recently shown that President Trump has won Louisiana, Utah, and 3 out of the 5 electors in Nebraska. Biden has recently gotten New Hampshire, and is predicted to win Rhode Island by many other news sources. It is interesting to note that Rhode Island is currently leaning in favor of Trump with 35% of the votes counted. The votes are slowly coming through in those more important states, so it is too early to call any of them.


Polls are rapidly closing, and many Republican states are being called. Kansas has been called, and this has pulled President Trump ahead  by 12 electoral votes according to ABC. Biden is currently up in Iowa although the recent polls from the past few days showed that he was behind. Another important state to watch is Arizona which is in favor of Biden at the moment and holds 11 electoral votes. Polls on the West Coast will be closing around 11:00, but many important states, mainly Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania will not have a clear winner until tomorrow or maybe even later.

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