Worst Division in the NFL Season So Far

By: Rohan Bommaraju — Sports Editor

So far in this NFL season, one division has proven themselves to be the worst out of the eight. The NFC East has the least total wins and most losses through the end of week 8, with 8 total wins and 22 losses. To many, this may be the all-time worst season for a division.

However, Sharon High School junior Jacob Spodek says the division is bad due to injuries and management. “The NFC East is a bad division because every team but Washington has major injuries. The Cowboys made bad management decisions this season. The Giants suck because they have a really hard schedule, and they are way too young plus they have had injuries. The Eagles have had countless injuries. Washington has no offense.”

Junior Max Chen agrees with Spodek. “The NFC east is currently bad mostly because of coaching and injuries. The Giants are plagued with [bad] coaching and an injured Saquon. The Cowboys have a terrible defense, and the Washington [Football Team] kinda speak for themselves. And the Eagles are atrocious because of their defense, injured receiving core, and Wentz.”

Freshman Aarav Thacker says the NFC East is not bad but rather had key pieces get injured, “The NFC east is not ‘Bad’. I would say they are having a tough year like many other NFL teams are because of one injury. The Cowboys have lost Dak, a HUGE part of their offense, and the Giants have also lost Saquan a big part of the offense as well. Washington and the Eagles have also lost small key pieces in their team.”

“At this point, the “worst teams” are the Cowboys and Giants in terms of record but they have also lost the most due to injuries so they will take time getting use the new lineups  In conclusion the NFC east is just beaten up this year and I expect them to have a smooth comeback next year,” Thacker added.

Spodek says there are easy steps the 4 teams can take to become contenders again, “For the Cowboys to become contenders again, Dak needs to come back without losing a step. [Jerry Jones] should fire Mike Nolan and possibly [Mike] McCarthy, they should pick up a defensive back in the off-season, maybe Earl Thomas and go d-line heavy in the upcoming draft.”

 “For the Giants, Saquon would need to come back healthy. They need to continue working on o-line, and they must get a versatile defender in the draft like Micah Parsons. However, for the Eagles, they need the o-line coming back healthy and they need to go get a receiver,” Spodek added.

The Washington Football team is a complete mess, says Spodek, “ They need to figure out the QB situation fast. They have to revamp their o-line, not trade Ryan Kerrigan, and get a DB in offseason.”

As of the end of week 8, the Eagles lead the division with a record of 3 wins, 4 losses, and a tie. Closely behind are the Football Team and the Cowboys with records of 2 wins 5 losses, and 2 wins 6 losses respectively. And the giants are in last place with a record of 1 win and 7 losses.

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