The Benefits of Senior Privileges

By: Jeffery Xiang — Editor-in-Chief

Special senior privileges have been instituted this year by Principal Joe Scozzaro and the rest of administration as a result of the modified schedule.

Last year, Mr. Ralph Olsen, the interim principal, created a pilot program where Eagle Block would be moved to the end of the day every other Wednesday in order to allow seniors to leave school early. Similarly, this year, seniors taking the hybrid option will be able to leave following their third block class at 1:10 PM unless they have an assigned class, such as music or helpdesk. Lunch is also still available to seniors.

Scozzaro says that the implementation of senior privileges will have benefits not just for the seniors but for the whole school. 

“It’s a net gain for the whole community because of the staggered release and the lunchroom. This allows us to move in other classes into that fourth lunch. Right now we aren’t having problems having enough space for lunch, but we always think about those bad weather days where kids wouldn’t go out to the tents or the courtyards,” said Scozzaro.

Senior Sam Levitt agrees that senior privileges can keep the whole school safer as they help minimize contact between students and teachers. “We need senior privileges to avoid unnecessary time in the building, especially avoiding lunch. This helps keep students and teachers safe,” added Levitt

Senior privileges will also benefit seniors by giving them more time in their busy lives.

Senior Allen Zhang says that the extra time gives seniors a chance to work on their college applications and other school work, reducing stress. “The benefits are that you have more time to do school work and college work and still have leftover time to relax,” said Zhang.

Although she cannot use the senior privileges because of chorus, senior Jasmine Villaroel says that the time can be very useful prior to going to work. “If I could use senior privileges, I would have ample time to do school work before leaving my house for work,” said Villaroel.

Time for school work is not the only benefit though, as Levitt adds that it is also a great time to take advantage of the outdoors before it gets dark. “One benefit is more time at home to do work and exercise before it gets dark outside,” said Levitt.

Ultimately, Scozzaro says that the seniors can have these privileges because of the trust school administrators have in the seniors.

“We think that the seniors are the most responsible age-wise class and most experienced as far as coursework and procedures here at Sharon High School and the most capable or able to have that privilege and to use it responsibly,” added Scozzaro.

Scozzaro says that it is important that we have senior privileges. “You can’t teach responsibility until you have that. We’ve always had some form of senior privileges. This form of senior privileges doesn’t seem like it’s any more than what it was in the past. 

“It made sense to all the parents who took the survey. It was a positive for everybody. It’s good for senior students to have that privilege so that they can learn what it’s like to have that kind of responsibility and manage their behavior and academics appropriately to preserve that privilege,” added Scozzaro.

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