New Album and More from BTS

By: Safa Ansari — Correspondent

South Korean group Bangtan boys, more commonly known as BTS, recently launched their new album BE on This is their 9th studio album, and it quickly gained a large audience. 

The band debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. It is a seven-member group composed of RM(Kim Namjoon), Jin(Kim Seokjin), Suga(Min Yoongi), J-Hope(Jung Hoseok), Jimin(Park Jimin), V(Kim Taehyung), and Jungkook(Jeon Jungkook). Their musical style has included a wide range of genres such as pop, hip-hop, R&B, EDM, Funk Rap, and more. The lyrics they write are often centered on personal and social criticism, mental health, youth problems, loss, the quest to love oneself, and individualism. BTS is not just the biggest boy band, but the biggest band in history. Their fandom, ARMY, is also known to be the most potent fandom ever in the entertainment industry.  

Their single ‘Dynamite’ debuted no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is nominated for the best pop duo/group performance for the Grammys, and has won other awards in the past. “Life goes on”, their new song also topped the Billboards Hot 100 chart; not only that, but it was also the very first non-English song to top the charts. The MV for ‘Dynamite’ has also broken the youtube record for being the most viewed video in 24 hours. Yes, the power of the ARMY is unmatched, and there are several right here at Sharon High. 

Alex Mederios, a sophomore from Dartmouth High School, says the group is wonderful, talented, and makes catchy and upbeat music. His favorite member is Jimin, the lead vocalist, and the group’s main dancer. He believes that the member has attractive visuals and his voice is ‘angelic’ as he would describe it. Mederios was introduced to the band by his friend when they started getting popular in America. He listened to the album, and his favorite song is “Life goes on” because “it’s very calming and the theme is very meaningful also they sang it very well,” said Mederios. 

SHS freshman Angel Liang says the group is brilliant, hardworking, and very humble despite their fame. Her favorite member is also Jimin. She favors him because of his extraordinary dancing skills, personality, and vocals. She was introduced to BTS by their song “Fake Love”, which was released in 2018; she was very interested in the chorus and took a liking to the group soon after. Liang believes that their music is what makes them stand out or unique, “I like how their melodies are like American pop but have those special effects that are so signature to kpop and their choreographies are one of the hardest in the industry,” said Liang. She says the fandom has grown ever since the band started to become popular.  

Junior Sydney Donahue, another k-pop enthusiast, says that the band always sends a positive message. She doesn’t have a favorite member because she believes they are unique in their way. She was introduced to them by her cousins. Her favorite song from their new album is ‘dis-ease’; however, her favorite BTS song is ‘whalien 52’ because it’s very meaningful. Donahue says the fandom is very diverse and finds it interesting how people have become friends just from being an ARMY.

Sophomore Zara Khan says that the group is very motivated, unproblematic, and are interactive with their fans. Her favorite member is V, the vocalist and visual for the group because he is silly and comedic. Her friend brought her to stan the band. Khan’s favorite BTS song is ‘Magic Shop’ because of the meaning behind it. Her favorite song from BE is ‘Life goes on’ because “I like the message that life does have its coldest parts, but there are also good parts, so we should live life being ourselves and having fun,” said Khan. 

Mayra Maldonado, a sophomore from TECCA, is a dedicated fan. For her, BTS means “a form of happiness, positivity, hope, and love. But they are also regular humans who show their more realistic and ‘human’ side. Such as pain, and anger,” said Maldonado. Her bias is Suga, the lead rapper and composer of the group because he is a sincere and passionate person, but he can also be very bright and comforting; she favors him because she can relate to him the most. 

She looked into them because of their single ‘DNA,’ which was released in 2017. According to Mayra, BE was very deep and inspirational, although she would have liked some more upbeat songs on the album. Her favorite piece from the album is ‘Blue and Grey’ because it represents every group member. Her favorite BTS song, in general, is ‘Black Swan’ because it shows being concerned is normal, and everyone has their share of troubles. 

“ARMY is one of the most positive and powerful communities at the moment. We all support each other, and the boys, ARMY, has even overcome language barriers. There is so much love and support. It’s beautiful,” said Maldonado.

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