Biden Harris Transition

By: Harshal Singh — Correspondent

The Biden Harris transition is a landmark event of American History. The transition so far has been quite eventful, with allegations of voter fraud and several legal complications afterward. As far as matters go, it is starting to get out of hand.

Freshman Duncan Seaman says that sticking to our values here is most important, especially the right to an equal and fair hearing, a fundamental concept of our justice system. “I personally feel that Trump may deserve a fair chance, but in my book, Biden won fair and square and deserves to transition into the White House with VP elect Kamala Harris,” he said.  

Freshman Aarav Thacker says he understands what the Trump administration has accomplished. By comparing the promises they made and what they actually did, the performance was just never up to the mark for them to serve another term. “I suppose that America has had issues with unfair elections and voter fraud in the past, but at this point in time, I think that the Biden/Harris administration is for the best,” he said.  

Current President Donald J Trump has served 4 years as president of the United States. During his presidency has not come forth on many promises that built his victory to begin with. This is also alongside rather poor handling of the COVID-19 crisis, a majority of it being loads of finger pointing and downplaying the threat. 

President-elect Joe Biden has promised the opposite, having proposed a 100 day plan to combat the looming global wide pandemic. The electoral college had 306 votes for Biden, and 232 for Trump. Joe Biden won the popular vote by 4.5%. This is a victory by roughly 7 million votes. In Massachusetts itself, Biden received 2,382,202 votes, with Donald Trump receiving 1,167,202 votes. 

Social Studies teacher Ms. Catherine Harding says “the presidential office is a place where any sort of unprofessional behavior is looked down upon, it is the duty of all presidents to cooperate well in the transition of power between both administrations.” 

“The responsibility is very large, and it makes sense for a president to be ready to face the idea of loss. Voter fraud could be there, but it is highly unlikely,” she added.

The Biden Harris administration is most definitely a change, a change that many people will find hard to accept. Reminiscing the after-events of President Trump’s inauguration in 2016, it is not hard to believe something of the sort can happen again. 

“The way the current administration and its supporters are undermining the validity of the 2020 election is destabilizing our democracy for their own political benefit,” Harding added.

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