New Gaming Consoles Released: Xbox X and Playstation 5

By: Daniel Fishman — A&E Editor

After a long wait, fans of the two biggest gaming consoles, the Xbox and the Playstation were pleased to hear that the new versions of each were coming out at the same time. Created by Microsoft, the Xbox X is the next generation after the Xbox One. With over millions of people buying the Xbox One back in 2014, it was obvious that it would be about the same in 2020 for the Xbox X. The Xbox X comes with unique features that are unlike any other gaming console. 

On the flip side, the Playstation 5, created by Sony, has a whole other group of fans. Sony and Microsoft’s rivalry continues back from 2014. It is nearly unbelievable that two of the biggest gaming consoles are released around the same time. The two consoles create a war between fans all across the world, debating which is better. The Playstation 5 is also just as unique as the Xbox X and the majority of the people who had the Playstation 4 will continue to utilize Sony’s products. 

With the two coming out at the same time, a lot of fans that had the older version will immediately purchase the new version of the console. However, there is a large group of people who may decide to switch consoles and there is also an entire new generation of children, wanting to have this new console for the holiday season. 

The Xbox X carries more storage than the PS5, externally and internally, along with more memory. On the other hand, the Playstation 5 carries more bandwidth and ultimately has more options for games. 

The new game, “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, is an exclusive game only on the Playstation 5. Some other games exclusively made for the Playstation 5 are “MLB The Show” and “God Of War”. It is a big factor for some players to choose the console based on the games as well. 

A fan of the Playstation, senior Hayden Freedland says “I like the Playstation better because of the design, the controller, and the console overall. I also am able to play a larger selection of games like MLB The Show and Spiderman.”

A major difference between the Playstation 5 and the Xbox X is the online payments. For Xbox, Xbox Gold is a major part of the console for all console players to play online. Along with the online games, Xbox Gold and the upgraded version, Xbox Game Pass, comes with other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Goku. 

With options like that, a lot of people may not just buy the Xbox for gaming, but also buy it for the streaming platforms. Some people feel that the loss of great exclusive games on the Xbox is fulfilled with the streaming platforms available on the console. The war between the Xbox and Playstation will continue no matter what is presented on each due to its loyal fans. 

A large fan of the Xbox, senior Colby Lentell says “From what I have read, the Xbox X has better options and specifications. I’ve also been an Xbox fan my whole life.”

A major feature of the Playstation is its light controllers that consist of no batteries. The controller with no batteries can save players some money because they do not have to purchase batteries from the store for their controller. That is a huge plus over the Xbox X because the controllers can be heavy and consist of batteries. It may not be a big deal to some others however, because batteries last a while.

A fan of the Xbox series, Senior Ethan Shone says “I definitely prefer the Xbox Series X because all my friends have Xbox, I’ve always had them since the 360, and it has better apps.”

With the world waiting for Sony and Microsoft to come out with the new consoles, there are heated debates between the fans of each, determining which one will be better and which one they will purchase. It will be interesting to see the revenue from each over the next five years.

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