Stranger Things Fans Excited for the Season 4 Release

By: Safa Ansari — Correspondent

On July 15, 2016, Stranger Things officially launched on Netflix, and the reaction was shocking. The sci-fi horror television series received high recognition very quickly. The TV series received four Golden Globe Award nominations, three Grammy Awards nominations; it has won American Film Institute awards, three People’s Choice Awards, along with many more. It has been growing in popularity ever since. 

The series trails around a group of teens in a small town that uncovers a conspiracy involving underground experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one strange young girl, named Eleven, when a teenage boy disappears. The main character Eleven is played by Millie Bobby Brown, who gained recognition from the show and is well known today. Her character is favored by many, including sophomore Mridula Ravindran, who thought that even though Eleven was mocked, “she made a strong comeback, and when she had a chance to stay with her sister and do bad things, she still went back to save their friends,” said Ravindran. Eleven’s heroic act moved the viewers. 

Ravindran thought the show became well-liked because of the actors and the story itself was very interesting because the viewers can relate to the characters. She was introduced to the TV series by her companions and the merch she saw at the mall.  

“I think the show became popular because it is very well written and has lots of genres so it can appeal to a large audience, it can be funny, scary, and touching, it’s a real emotional rollercoaster,” said eighth grader Sophie Fougler. Fougler though the plot was well thought and creative, thinks the cliffhangers are very engaging. She also thinks it is entertaining how the story took place in the 80’s “It’s so fun and different,” said Fougler. 

She finds it fascinating that characters evolve over the seasons. Her favorite character is Maxine Mayfield because Max is new to Hawkins (the fictional town the story takes place), so she is mysterious. “I find her relatable in that at; first she didn’t believe them and was like you’re crazy there’s no upside down,” said Fougler. Like Ravindran, Fougler was introduced to the show by her friends. She then binged watched the whole series. 

Like Ravindran and Fougler, sophomore Zara Khan thinks it is admired because of the storyline and cinematography. She favored Steve Harrington from the show because he was very self-absorbed and rude, but he changed over the episodes and pleased the audience. Khan heard about the show and decided to watch it and was very satisfied with it. 

“The show became popular because of the interesting suspense it creases, people like the thrilling storyline and adventurous characters,” said sophomore Eva Bihler. Unlike others, Bihler doesn’t have a favorite character. Bihler finds the story exciting. She thought the tv series got mass popularity because of the young cast, “they were engaging and relatable,” said Bihler. Just like Fougler, she believes it is unique that the setting is in the 80s. She also found the show through her friends.

Senior Sree Dandu thinks viewers like the show’s complicated storyline; the development of characters is shown with the main characters and the side characters. Her favorite character from the show is Dustin Henderson because, according to Dandu, he carried a significant role. Also, his humorous personality entertained the audience. She saw advertisements on social media about the show and decided to look into it. “One unique aspect of stranger things is that it was able to reach a wider audience than other shows. It was coming of age but also a thriller and suspenseful and adventure,” said Dandu. The new season 4 of Stranger Things will air in the spring of 2021.

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