TV Shows to Look Out for in 2021

By: Ben Ellis — Correspondent

With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, as well as cable channels like ABC and CBS, there is no shortage of shows to watch. 

Due to Covid-19, television shows are constantly being postponed, reworked, and some even canceled. Some of these shows had massive amounts of hype around them as well. Luckily, from comedy to action, there are many TV shows to look out for in 2021.

WandaVision, a Superhero/RomCom, came out on Disney+ on January 15. It is the latest addition to the extremely popular MCU, (Marvel Cinematic Universe) which hasn’t had an addition in about a year due to Covid-19. WandaVision features the titular characters, Scarlet Witch, and Vision as they try to navigate family life in different time periods and alternate realities. Based on the trailer alone, this fan favorite is quite a fun piece of entertainment to get invested in. 

On the other side of the television spectrum, there’s Firefly Lane: a drama based on Kristin Hannah’s novel following two women through the ups and downs of their friendship. These ups and downs will span over about thirty years, from the time they’re in eighth grade to when they’re in their thirties. Firefly Lane came out on Netflix on February 3rd. 

The Great North, an animated sitcom, doesn’t seem like anything special on the surface. The show will follow a family in Alaska as they go about their daily lives. However, it has some great names attached to it. Not only is it created by Loren Bouchard who made BOB’S BURGERS, but it also has Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, Megan Mullally from Will and Grace, and Will Forte from Last Man on Earth. The Great North will premiere on Fox on the 14th of February. Be sure to check it out!

Fortunately, WandaVision isn’t the only MCU show coming to our small screens this year. On March 19th, Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be available on Disney+. It follows the two heroes Falcon and The Winter Soldier after the events of Avengers Endgame as they face the worldwide threat of Baron Zemo. While WandaVision will be more focused on magic, Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be much more grounded, about as grounded as a superhero show can be. 

Dexter is a pretty well-known show, so technically this isn’t new. However, it is definitely worth mentioning. In case you didn’t know, Dexter didn’t get a great ending. The show following a CSI with murderous tendencies is coming back, however, for an eighth episode venture on Showtime, giving Dexter the ending it deserves. It’s recommended to watch the first seasons of Dexter on Netflix before the revival, just so everything makes sense. The Dexter revival is coming sometime during the summer or the fall.

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