NFL Scoring

By: Isaac Tsymberov — Correspondent

NFL games averaged more points in the 2020 season than any other season in the league’s history.

Average NFL score totals have been increasing since the 1970s. One of the main reasons for this increase are new rules about sacks and defensive pass interference. Additionally, offenses have become more pass oriented, leading to quicker drives and consequently more drives and scoring opportunities.

Freshman Savir Basil believes that higher scoring is a positive. “It’s more entertaining for fans, and the game is turning way more offense focused,” Basil added. 

The game’s focus on offense is also shown by the fact that the top ten seasons in average passing yards have all been post-2010. As teams become more offense-oriented, it has become harder to maintain as strong of a defense, leading to more average yards. 

Basil uses Super Bowl LIII as an example of a low scoring game. “Super Bowl 53 between the Patriots and the Rams was somewhat boring for a lot of fans because it was such a low scoring game and it was all about the defense,” said Basil.

Freshman Ashmith Yeruva agrees that offensive games are more exciting. “I prefer offensive games because it makes the game more exciting,” said Yeruva.

While junior Jacob Bleecker believes that while higher scoring games are better for the league as more people enjoy watching them, he thinks that lower scoring games are more exciting. “I think higher scoring is good for the league in terms of revenue, but I personally like close, defensive minded games because it brings out the competitiveness in players and matchups,” Bleecker said. 

While offensive games may be close, most of the game isn’t very competitive as teams simply take turns scoring. Low scoring games, on the other hand, feel competitive for much more of the game as fans and players know their team is just one score away from having a big lead and likely winning the game.

Eight out of the twelve playoff games played this season have totaled at least 50 points. Both of this year’s conference championship games had high scoring totals; the NFC championship game totaled 57 points and the AFC game totaled 62. The Super Bowl is likely going to continue this trend, with William Hill Sports Book placing the over/under at 56.5 points. Many fans will likely tune in to the Super Bowl this year due to two high-powered offenses facing off. This will lead to increased revenue for the NFL and related companies, and an entertaining game for most fans.

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