The Royal Family and Interview with Meghan Markle

By: Ada Muqqadus — Correspondent

Earlier this month, in a leaked interview, Meghan opened up to Oprah about her father’s “deception” after he was posing for paparazzi photos ahead of her wedding day. The duchess reveals that Thomas lied behind her back and said he was not working with the press when in reality he was helping the tabloids. 

Lee Brown, former New York City police commissioner says Prince Charles is in a ‘state of despair’ after Prince Harry’s Oprah interview. “Charles was the subject of a few of his “son’s most personal attacks.” Harry says he felt, “really let down” by his dad, but hoping one-day things will change between the two. 

In the interview, Markle spoke plainly about her relationship with Kate Middleton. Hilary Weaver, a journalist for Elle says, “Meghan spoke candidly about her relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge and the false tabloid story that Meghan made Kate cry before her royal wedding. The truth is, Kate made her cry.” 

“What was hard to get over was being blamed for something that not only I didn’t do but that happened to me and the people that were a part of my wedding going to my comms team, saying, I know this didn’t happen, but I can at least go on the record saying, ‘She didn’t make her cry,’”  added Markle.

Markle explained how everyone in the institution knew it wasn’t true and that she hoped she would have wanted it corrected, and in the same way the palace wouldn’t want anybody to invalidate it, they didn’t let her, because Kate is still a good person.

 “There wasn’t a confrontation, and I don’t think it’s fair to her to get into the details of that because she apologized and I’ve forgiven her,” said Markle.

One of the most damning details in the interview was ‘concerns over Archie’s skin color.’ Taylor Roberts, an American actress says, “apparently, some unnamed person in the royals’ inner circle expressed concern about baby Archie’s skin color. Markle revealed that “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born” were brought up to her husband ahead of her son’s birth. To echo Oprah’s shocked reaction: What???” 

Markle, a biracial black woman, alleges that she has been the target of much racist coverage by the British press. From this interview, it has been evident that members of her extended family haven’t been acting differently from the press. When asked for the identity of the person in the palace and raising these concerns. It was very shocking. 

During her interview, there was an active role “the Firm” was playing in perpetuating falsehoods of the royal family. “The Firm” has two meanings: The royal family as a brand that is worth billions in assets and to the British economy; the specified members of the royal family whose job it is to make sure the brand remains strong. Catriona Harvey-Jenner from the radio show says, “While Meghan Markle was previously on the inside of the family business since she and Prince Harry stepped down from their roles as senior royals — and having subsequently had all working ties cut — some believe her use of the term ‘The Firm’ in the interview was significant.” 

The phrase suggests how she and Harry have been excluded from the monarchy. Her words captured the unprejudiced nature of the operation. The monarchy demonstrated the lack of compassion in ensuring their survival in the past years as well as survival of their wealth and entitlement. 

The interview was also controversial. Eleanor Lawrie, a TV output producer says on BBC that the timing of the broadcast has come during a tumultuous period for the Royal Family. “While the interview was recorded before the Duke of Edinburgh, Harry’s grandfather and the Queen’s husband, went into the hospital, it will air as the prince continues his recovery in hospital following a procedure for a heart condition,” said Lawrie. 

This relates to the previous interview Prince Harry gave to James Corden on The Late Late Show, while Prince Philip was in the hospital. 

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