Sharon High School 2021 Club Fair

By: Sarah Yi — Editor-in-Chief

The Student Council is designing the first in-person club fair since 2019 for club leaders to promote their clubs in a Covid-safe fashion on September 30, 2021.

 In the Fall of 2020, the Student Council facilitated a virtual club fair where club leaders promoted their club over zoom, which was then recorded and sent to students. 

Co-president of the Student Council senior Abby Gott says that after she experienced both methods of having a club fair, she definitely prefers having the event in-person better than virtually because it is more effective. “With the in-person one, more people tend to go because it is more fun and they can leave class early, so they have time to visit each club,” said Gott.

Co-president of the Student Council senior Ben Levinson says that both virtual and in-person club fairs have their pros and cons. “The in-person fair is better because you are able to interact with the club leaders more and ask questions face-to-face. Club leaders have more creative opportunities to present their clubs in person,” Levinson said.

In previous years, the club fair has been held in the cafeteria where it is super loud and students from all grades are jam-packed. “With all the grades and people carrying backpacks, it is really difficult to move and go to each club that interests you,” added Gott.

This year, the club fair will not be as packed and more Covid friendly. “We are spreading the club fair throughout three different locations: the gym, the courtyard, and the cafeteria,” said Levinson. He says each grade, starting with freshmen, will be called separately to limit the number of people in each location at once.

Gott and Levinson encourage students to submit their club forms to Dr. Schlierf in the Athletic Office as soon as possible. “Once we know of all clubs participating in the fair, the student council will create a diagram with the designated location for each club’s booth, and we will let leaders know beforehand where their booth will be and when they can start to set up,” said Levinson. 

Gott says that you want to make sure that your booth grabs people’s attention at the club fair. “You can do this by putting pictures on your poster board or handing out cool flyers. Another great way to encourage people to sign up is by giving them a piece of candy when they put their email on the sign-up sheet,” added Gott.  

Levinson says that club leaders can create flyers and posters to advertise their club, post about their club on social media and in-class Facebook groups, and tell their friends about it. “We encourage creativity when it comes to advertising your club,” said Levinson.

“If you want your club to be promoted on social media, contact someone on the student council and we can post about your club on the Student Council Instagram. Posting in your class Facebook groups is also a great way to promote your club!” Gott said.

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