Sharon High School Girls Soccer Beat

By: Sarah Yi — Editor-in-Chief

The Varsity Girls soccer team starts off the season with a record of 1 win, 1 tie, and 6 losses. Due to the new school construction, the team holds practices and home games at Ames Field and Gavin’s Pond Field. With many games this season, senior captains Wendy Wooden and Amanda Hu lead the team to fight for victory. 

Wooden says she is looking forward to making the teams really come together as a family this season. “I want them to feel like they belong here,” said Wooden.

She says she hopes to improve this season in helping up in the front and coming back when needed. In addition, she says she hopes team members notice the passing lanes quicker. 

“Our goals for this season are to have more than 15 goals, have 5 shutouts, to win 50/50 balls, and to make the state tournament,” said Wooden.

Hu says she really loves the team this year and is excited to play with them and bond as a team. “I hope to strengthen the bond we have as a team and better support each other through both wins and losses,” said Hu. 

Hu says the teams’ goal is to beat North Attleboro the next time they play them.

Coach Catherine Sullivan says she is most excited that the Covid modifications have been removed and we are back to playing normal soccer. “We have a really talented squad with some strong veteran Varsity players as well as a lot of newcomers, so it’s an exciting mix,” said Sullivan. 

Sullivan says that she thinks we’re already showing great improvement from last season. “Even just a few games in, we look like a cohesive team and we are creating lots of scoring chances,” said Sullivan. 

“Last season we missed out on crossover games with the Kelley-Rex that could have been wins for us, so we’re grateful to have those opportunities again and we’ll be looking to make a mark in Davenport this year,” Sullivan added.

Sullivan says the teams’ main goal is to make the postseason tournament. “It’s a lofty one, but I believe this group has what it takes to get us there,” said Sullivan. She says they are also focused on building a great community within our program and representing SHS with class at all times.

Sullivan says the team got off to a great start with a big win over Taunton and a non-league tie against Milton. “We scored 10 goals over those two games and had excellent play all around, and it resulted in Sofia Goclowski being named “Player of the Week” for all of Hockomock Sports,” said Sullivan. “It was super exciting for her and for our team to get that recognition. A lot of teams are very nervous to play us this season, but we will still embrace our underdog status and use it to our advantage.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what this group can accomplish,” said Sullivan.

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