The Career of Derek Jeter

By: Jake Loomis — Correspondent

Former Yankees superstar Derek Jeter,  was recently inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Jeter finished his career with 3465 hits, 260 homers, a .310 Batting average and 1840 strikeouts, all being top tier stats.

Derek Jeter was one of the greatest MLB players for not only his time in the MLB but all time in baseball, says Sharon High School Janitor Mr. Ronnie Dickerson, “I think [Jeter] earned [the Hall of Fame nod] exactly on and off the field” he said.

“He’s one of [the greatest] because there’s a lot of guys that stand on others shoulders. It takes somebody to make it and someone to keep it going and we can only keep their greatest thing on our level and afterwhile we leave and then someone comes and raises it higher.” added Dickerson.

“I think he is a very good baseball player, however I think the stats are deceiving and he is the most overrated shortstop of all time,”added senior Nate Yaffe.

“He’s definitely a top yankee of all time because of the legacy he’s created for himself in New York and what he’s done for that city. However, he is definitely not the top yankee of all time.. Joe Dimaggio is the best Yankee of all time .. Maybe Mickey Mantle. Not  Babe Ruth, not Derek Jeter,” added Yaffe.

Yaffe says that Jeter is an overrated player, “Yes like I said I still think he is overrated however the legacy that he created of himself along with the accomplishments he has over his career make him a hall of famer,” said Yaffe.

“Yes his glove metrics are nowhere near as good as people say they are  but he is not a glove glove player. He is a good player granted he is a very good hitter and shortstop which makes him a good player but he is not the best of all time” Stated Senior Matthew Favorman.

 In his career Jeter committed only 254 errors.“I mean he had help but Jeter never hit thirty home runs he never had 100 rbis. He was a good fielder,. he did his job, he was a good teammate but he himself did not bring a team to a championship he does not have game changing skill however he is a very accomplished player who has done a lot in his career and that’s why he’s a hall of famer,” Yaffe added.

Jeter never won an MVP in his career however he was a five time world champion, but Yaffe still says he’s overrated. “I think he’s overrated because people believe that the stats are better than he is.”

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