The Quest for Superbowl LVI

By Michael Weil — Correspondent

With the start of the NFL season upon us, not much has changed. Tom Brady is still playing like he’s 25, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen are blazing up the league, and the MVP race has begun. 

This year is different from others though. Patrick Mahomes is under .500 win percentage for the first time in his NFL career, Aaron Rodgers had one of the worst passer ratings in history during the Packers’ opening game, and the Patriots are not a Super Bowl caliber team despite the hopes of Bill Belichick.

Through the first four weeks, the NFC West is one of the most competitive conferences we’ve ever seen. Russell Wilson, Matt Stafford, Kyler Murray, and Jimmy Garoppolo are battling it out for the playoff spot.

SHS senior Craig Blatte says the competitiveness of the NFC West merits more playoff spots. “The NFC West deserves four playoff spots,” he said.

SHS senior Jacob Spodek, an avid Giants fan, hasn’t found the season too interesting because of the struggles of his favorite team. “The season sucks for me at least, I have no unbiased way to look at it.”

SHS senior Vanamali Vemparala is enjoying the beginning of this year. “There haven’t been many injuries like last year, and most games have been interesting to watch.”

“Primetime matchups this year have been amazing,” added Blatte. He also hopes for a Buccaneers and Chiefs Super Bowl rematch. “Still gotta go Buccaneers Chiefs, but this time it’s gonna be the Chief’s winning.

Spodek’s early Super Bowl prediction is Browns and Rams. “Would be cool to see the Browns and Rams play in the Super Bowl.”

Vemparala also says the Rams will be one of the teams in the Super Bowl. “My early Super Bowl prediction is Raiders vs Rams, with the Rams winning in a close game.”

Even though it is only week four, Vemparala’s MVP prediction may prove to be true. “Derek Carr will win the MVP. He has been playing out of his mind. Carr already has 1203 yards through three games. If Carr is given a good defense, he will thrive.

Spodek and Vemparala on the other hand have very different takes on the MVP frontrunner. Spodek says the MVP will be Stafford. “Stafford is averaging over three hundred yards per game, with a team record of three and zero. He has also thrown for nine touchdowns, with only one interception.”

In regards to the Rookie of the Year race, Vemparala says Mac Jones will win it, despite not looking super good as of right now. “Mac Jone looks like the best rookie, but the other prospective rookie quarterbacks haven’t been given fair chances to succeed, given their team and coaching situations.”

Spodek says that Ja’Marr Chase will win ROTY. “Right now Chase is the frontrunner, because all the quarterbacks are playing poorly right now. All the quarterbacks have good potential, but they need to work through their problems.”

Blatte says that as the season progresses, all of these early predictions are likely to change. However, this season is going to be a huge amount of fun to watch.

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