Kanye vs Drake: The Great Debate

By Ryan Baker — Correspondent

In a world of competition, there will always be debates surrounding the biggest names. In the NBA, there is Jordan vs Lebron, in soccer Messi vs Ronaldo, and in music, there is Drake vs Kanye.

Drake and Kanye have not been getting along lately, and while this is never good, it makes for some great music. Last time they had a disagreement, Kanye dropped the all time song, “Facts (Charlie Heat Version)”, on the 2016 album, The Life of Pablo. The words, “Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman!” echoing from everyone’s speaker, playing the ultimate “Jumpman” (Drake) diss track. Then in 2018, Drake was featured on “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott, in which his roast of Kanye West has been streamed over 1.5 billion times in 3 years. But now, in 2021, the beef is back, and as is the music.

On August 29 of this year, Kanye West dropped his 10th studio album, Donda, 13 months after he was originally supposed to release it. As with any new album, the original response was polar. Many huge Kanye fans said that he “didn’t miss” and that all 27 songs released on the album were hits. Others liked maybe a few songs, but overall did not enjoy the album as a whole.

Just 5 days after the release of Donda, Drake followed up with an album of his own, Certified Lover Boy. Just like Donda, there was a huge range of opinions upon the drop. Some people listened to a couple songs and automatically thought that it was the album of the year, while others, including senior David Hirschorn said “Donda was mid,” meaning it did not live up to expectations, or it was not good. Because these projects were dropped in such quick succession, by two artists whom many consider rivals, they will always be compared with one another.

Students of Sharon High school, like everyone else in the music world, listened to both albums, and have decided which one they prefer. In a survey of 20 students, 8 said that they preferred CLB to Donda, while 10 said they preferred Donda. 1 student said both, and 1 student said Montero, by Lil Nas X. 

In addition to finding out which of the albums was their favorite, these students also named their favorite songs. The general consensus of students enjoyed “TSU”, “N 2 Deep”, and “Champagne Poetry” from CLB, while some mentioned “Girls Want Girls” and “Way 2 Sexy”. From Donda, students enjoyed “Off The Grid”, “Moon”, and “Hurricane”, while “Jail” and “Remote Control” were also mentioned.

It is no secret that Kanye and Drake have very different styles of music. Kanye focuses on melodies and music with meaning while Drake seems to make his music with one thing in mind… hits. Students from Sharon High usually enjoy one style more than the other. 

Avid Kanye fan and senior Eli Greenfield looks for “continuity, good sounding music, and an overall theme that connects together” when he listens to an album for the first time. 

On the other hand, Drake stan and junior Amanda Brown looks for “good music… basically anything Drake sings, like whatever he does, that’s what I expect from everyone.” High expectations.

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