Ben Simmons’ Rocky Path Out Of Philadelphia

By: Rohan Bommaraju — Sports Editor

It has only been a half a decade since Ben Simmons got drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, and only two years since inking a ​​five-year, $177.2 million extension with the 76ers but Simmons wants out of Philadelphia and has made it clear he does not want to play for them.

Sharon High School senior Jacob Bleecker says that Simmons wants out because he’s the center for all the blame due to playoff failure, “[Simmons] has gotten a lot of blame for their failures, and because others aren’t taking as much responsibility, he wants somewhere where he can succeed equally.”

Sharon High School senior Shane Sekuler says that Simmons may go to Minnesota. “He would fit well there. They are a team with not a lot of defense, which he could help sure up. Simmons would be good for the Timberwolves because he offers first team all NBA on-ball defense of which they lack a lot.”

Sekuler added, “they don’t have a lot of scoring either and Simmons would help in turn with scoring and playmaking in that regard. In return, Philly would probably get Malik Beasley with some picks.”

Sharon High sophomore Jaden Segal says that the Trail Blazers want to land Simmons, “[Simmons] wants out because of the [76ers] fans. He will land in Portland because they need a good facilitator for their offense. Portland should give up CJ [Mccollum] for [Simmons] and some picks.” 

Sharon High School junior Adam Lessard says that Simmons will most likely end up on the Cleveland Cavaliers. “It’s been made clear that he isn’t playing for the Sixers anymore, and there are only a couple teams that are willing to give up close to what Philly wants for him. Timberwolves and Cavaliers are the two main front runners. The Cavaliers have a much better chance for one main reason. Collin Sexton. He has been a problem for them and even though he’s great and meaningful to the team, it has been clear that he wants a bigger role and he’ll get that trading reps with the young stud [Tyrese] Maxey in Philadelphia.“

Lessard added, “Darius Garland and Simmons are a good pair, with each being great playmakers and one can drive, one can shoot more consistently. If they each play their roles, and this trade happens, it could prove to be extremely beneficial for the cavaliers.”

Bleecker says that the Pacers have the pieces to pursue Simmons but he will end up in California, “Indy has the best trade pieces and I wouldn’t mind a TJ Warren-Tobias Harris-Joel Embiid frontcourt when you have youth and spacing in the backcourt. However, Simmons wants to go to California, so if he has mobility in a trade, I see him finding his way to Sacramento for Marvin Bagley, Buddy Hield, or other young assets in need of fresh starts.”

Recently the Trail Blazers declined an offer from Philadelphia where Portland got Simmons in exchange for Three 1st-Round Picks and Future Draft Pick Swaps.

Most Recently Simmons and the 76ers have come to an agreement for him to play with them this season with him reporting to Philadelphia for covid protocols. They will look to trade him prior to the trade deadline if he still wants out.

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