Last Year at The Old High School

By: Emma Magit — Correspondent

As the foundation of what is soon to be the highly anticipated new Sharon High School continues to rapidly grow from month to month, current SHS seniors report that the state of the existing school deteriorates just as quickly. While a new building is necessary, the sentiment among the senior class is that it will be difficult to say goodbye to high school in the spring, the building where they have spent the past four years. 

The original home of the Sharon Eagles, the Sharon High School building constructed in 1956, was built to replace the Charles R. Wilber School, which served as the town’s high school before 1957. As the school approached the sixty-fifth year since it was erected, the community realized it was time for a new building. The new building is currently in production and emotions are high about the projected opening in Fall of 2022. 

Senior Emily Maron says that she has mixed emotions regarding the destruction of the old school at the end of the year. “I think it is bittersweet since this is the only high school I have known. When the building is gone, and the new high school is being utilized, all I will have are my memories of my time in high school,” said Maron.

Maron adds that she believes that the condition of the current school is very gross. “It is sad that no other class will be experiencing this iconic building as seniors, but it is okay because the school is run down and dirty,” said Maron.

Senior Sydney Ronkin says that she is very hopeful for Sharon High’s future after seeing the virtual tour of the new school. “When I saw the virtual tour of the new school, its size and scope seemed very intriguing,” said Ronkin.

Maron says that she thinks that the current students should be involved in some way in the destruction of the old building. “I think that every current SHS student body should be able to have an opportunity to participate in the destruction of the old school,” said Maron.

Ronkin says there should be a piece of art from a current student in the new school. “A picture, painting, or drawing by one of the AP art students should be framed at the entrance of the new school,” said Ronkin.

Maron says that the transition from the old school to the new school will be difficult. “I think it will be difficult for the teachers and current juniors because they have been in the old school for a while and now they have to adjust to a new school,” said Maron.

Ronkin says that she thinks the transition to the new school will be fairly easy. “I think the transition to the new school will be easy because students and teachers are excited for the new materials and technology that the current building is lacking,” she said.

Ronkin adds that the first few weeks may be difficult, but overall it will be well worth the wait. “The first few weeks will be difficult for people to figure out how to get to their classes, but everyone is willing to learn. There is a transition whenever something new comes along,” said Ronkin.

Senior Melanie Lefkowitz says that the school won’t feel like hers anymore when returning home to Sharon on college breaks. “When I’m in college next year and home for Thanksgiving break, the school is going to be so foreign to me. The school that I am so used to seeing won’t be there anymore,” said Lefkowitz.

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