Venom: Let There Be Carnage

By: Amelia Dasari — Editor-in-Chief

Venom: Let There Be Carnage hit theaters on October 1st, 2021. Produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel Studios and Sony, the film is the sequel to Venom, which was released in 2018.

The cast includes co-director Tom Hardy, who plays journalist Eddie Brock who hosts an alien symbiote named Venom. The movie features other stars such as Michelle Williams (as Anne Weying), Stephen Graham (as Patrick Mulligan), Naomie Harris ( as Frances Barrison), and Emmy Award-winning actor Woody Harrelson (as Cletus Kasady/Carnage).

Senior Jessica Brakaj says she was impressed with the plot and filming of the movie. “I didn’t see the first movie, but I surprisingly enjoyed this one. Every detail from the location of filming to the music was really thought out”. 

The film starts off where the last one ended. Eddie Brock is invited to visit Cletus Kasady: a world-famous serial killer. Kasady is determined to reunite with his lover Frances Barrison, an isolated and troubled woman who can manipulate sound energy with her screams. During the visit, Kasady gets contaminated with Brock’s blood and transforms into another symbiotic alien named Carnage. Brock and Venom must now stop Kasady and Carnage and prevent them from releasing Barrison.

Senior Biana Fridberg says she enjoyed looking at Venom from a different perspective. “Venom is considered one the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe, so to see him as the protagonist and not as the bad guy was really interesting and surprisingly pretty good”. 

The film featured music from rappers Polo G and Mozzy as well as American songwriter Skylar Grey. The movie’s main hit Last One Standing reached 78th on Billboard’s Top 100 and featured all 3 artists as well as world-renowned rapper Eminem, who worked on the soundtrack for the last film. Eminem produced the hit single “Venom” in 2018 which surpassed over 400 million streams on Spotify alone.

“Venom used to be a really popular song a few years ago”, said Brakaj. “The remix was pretty good too. Overall I felt that the soundtrack was really fitting and went well with the film”. 

After being in theaters for not even two weeks, the film grossed over $850 million at the global box office.

“I’m not surprised the movie is a hit”, Fridberg continued. “People have been anticipating this film for a while. I, for one, was really looking forward to it”. 

In Marvel Comics, Venom is infamously known for being the villain in The Amazing Spider Man. Because of this, fans were anticipating Spiderman (played by Tom Holland) to make a special appearance in the film. Many were right and Holland was featured in a small cameo during the film’s ending-credits.  

“Spiderman and Venom are enemies, so when I saw him on the screen I got so excited”, said Fridberg. “ Holland’s new movie Spiderman Away from Home comes out in a few months, and I am really intrigued to know if Venom will make an appearance”.

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