Michelle Wu becomes Boston’s First Elected Asian-American Mayor

By: Kuhu Badgi — Political News Editor

“From every corner of our city, Boston has spoken,” Michelle Wu said to her crowd of supporters on election night. “We are ready to become a Boston for everyone.”

On Tuesday night, City Councilor Michelle Wu defeated Annissa Eissabi George in Boston’s mayoral race, effectively becoming the first woman and person of color to be elected to the position. Wu won 64% of the vote, to 36% for Eissabi George. 

Michelle Wu is a Chicago-born, first-generation American who first moved to Boston to attend Harvard College. After her immigrant family  encountered difficulties with city government themselves, Wu embarked on a mission to change municipal policy.

Wu has repeatedly acknowledged her unconventional background but has recognized its value in representing the culturally diverse city of Boston. “I recognize the ways in which I’m not the typical mold of a Boston politician, but it’s really not just gender and ethnicity or age necessarily, although [it’s] all of those things,” said Wu. 

In her concession speech on Tuesday evening, Annissa Eissabi George applauded Wu for her historical victory. “I know this is no small feat. You know this is no small feat. I want [Michelle Wu] to show the city how mothers get it done,” Eissabi said. 

Eissabi thanked her supporters for their continuous support and urged them to continue working towards building a better Boston. “I’m going to keep at it, and I ask you to join to find a way to keep painting this city pink,” said Eissabi.

Wu, who is known for her progressive policy platform like her Green New Deal for Boston, reiterated her promises as to the future mayor. “We are ready for every Bostonian to know that we don’t have to choose between generational change and keeping the street lights on, between tackling big problems with bold solutions and filling our potholes, to make a change at scale and at street level. We need, we deserve both. All of this is possible,” said Wu.

“Our movement is a continuation of that activism and community, showing everyone what’s possible when we all dig in and push for what we truly deserve. And what we deserve is a Boston where all of us are seen, heard, treasured, and valued. A Boston for everyone,” Wu added.

Her campaign was supported by several Massachusetts politicians including Representative Ayanna Presley, Senator Ed Markey, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. She also thanked the support she received from community organizations in Boston and acknowledged their importance in building her campaign. 

“To the many community leaders, elected officials, labor unions. Climate groups. Democratic ward committees. Every organization who supported us along the way, thank you so much for all that you do for the city and for powering our movement,” Wu said.

Wu thanked her supporters for her victory and assured them of the important action she would take upon taking office. “Thank you for placing your trust in me to serve as the next mayor of Boston. So let’s celebrate tonight and tomorrow we’ll continue the work together,” said Wu.

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