Who’s the GOAT? Lebron James vs Michael Jordan

By: Jake Loomis — Correspondent

Does Sharon High School think Michael Jordan or Lebron James is Better? In an informal survey of 50 Sharon High School students, 21 people voted for Lebron and 29 for MJ. Some say Jordan is better due to his 30.1 PPG, 5.3 APG, and 49.7 FG percentage. Others argue that Lebron, who is still playing,  has averaged 27.0 PPG, 7.4 APG, and a 50.4 FG percentage and will only add to these totals. 

James proponents point to James’ Four NBA championships — two in Miami and one in Cleveland during his second stint with the team and one in LA with the Lakers. James has also appeared in 10 NBA finals with a record of 4-6 over his eighteen-year career. Some complain that James had to go through the “Weak East” with no help. On the Cavaliers, James’ support pieces were Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving. In Miami, he was a part of the big three with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and sharpshooter Ray Allen also in Miami. In LA, James arguably has his best partner of all time in Anthony Davis.

Jordan fans say that he led the Bulls to 6 NBA finals — going 6-0 in those series with the likes of Defensive Player of the year Dennis Rodman and all-star Scottie Pippen. Some also contend that Jordan and the Bulls had to face off against tougher teams than James, such as the Bad Boy Pistons and the Indiana Pacers of the ’90s.

Sharon High School Sophomore Cole Hitter says that MJ is the Goat since Lebron “cheats.” “He gets fake rings, he cheats, he has too much help,” said Hitter.

Sophomore Ronan Widland says Jordan is better than Lebron. “He played in a tougher era and he is a better scorer than Lebron James,” said Widland.

 Sophomore James Spoto says that MJ is better than LeBron. “Lebron is losing it right now; Lebron is in the trenches right now and every time MJ played he was in his prime,” said Spoto.

Senior Brent Cham says that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player because LeBron got all his accolades against “little boys”. “When Lebron came in the league he was 19 [year old] prodigy so everybody is gonna be shook, and through the years Lebron never been trash and now MJ has had to play against these tough grown men who don’t care about him and he still made his way through and that is why he is better than Lebron at the end of the day,” said Cham.

Senior Dan Passov says Jordan is better. ”He has more accolades, he has more MVPs, he’s 6 for 6. LeBron lost more times in the finals, quality over quantity,” said Passov.

Freshman Ben Melamed says MJ is the GOAT since other than Shaquille O’Neal MJ was the most dominant player of his era. “No one could stop him and the only time they didn’t win is when he wasn’t in the league,” said Melamed.

Anthony Piron says that Lebron is better because he “portrays better skills and he did it at a young age and he got to where he is now and he’s just amazing now,” said Piron.

Sophomore and avid basketball fan Neel Phansalker says MJ is better because of Lebron not being good enough “Not Lebron six to four the ring count. LeBron has a worse finals record [than] Jordan was six for six,” said Phansalker.

Senior Connor Blaney says Lebron is better because “he carried so many bad Cavs teams to the NBA finals. I know they didn’t win but he still carried them there, MJ still had to have a pretty good team to help him get to the finals.”

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