NFL Playoff Picture

By: Michael Weil — Managing Editor

Week 18 is over, and the NFL Playoffs are set. There were a few surprises in Sunday’s slate of games. The 2-14 Jaguars upset the 9-7 Colts causing them to miss out on the playoffs. Chris Boswell of the Steelers hit a game winning field goal in overtime to beat the Ravens.

The Steelers were then in need of a Charger’s loss to make the playoffs, and they got it. The Raiders’ Daniel Carlson hit a game winning field goal to beat the Chargers 35-32. The Raiders secured the five seed in the AFC. This put the Steelers into the seven seed, setting them up to play the Chiefs this upcoming weekend.

Junior Kushal Chandrasekaran says that he was looking forward to a tie in the Chargers Raiders game and the implications it would cause following the Jaguars upset. “I was really hoping for a tie in the Raiders Chargers game, and I can’t believe it was so close to coming true”.

Senior Craig Blatte says that he saw the outcome of the Colts game coming, but didn’t like the performance of the Chargers. “I actually predicted the Jaguars upset of the Colts, and everything else played out as I expected. However, the Chargers coach deserves to be fired.”

In the NFC, most of the top teams had already clinched the playoffs, but the seeds had yet to be decided. The Saints would have made the playoffs with a 49ers loss and a Saints win. However the 49ers pulled off a 17 point comeback to win over the Rams with an overtime field goal.

The NFC is a very competitive division this season. Three out of the four NFC West teams have earned playoff spots.

Senior Shane Sekuler says this season could be the year for Rodgers. “Rodgers has been on another MVP pace this season, and I have a feeling that this year he might finally make it past the NFC Championship game. A typical explosive offense and an improved defense (with Jaire Alexander finally healthy) is a recipe for disaster against opponents.”

Senior Amrik Eadara also says he sees the Packers making it out of the NFC conference and going all the way to win the Superbowl. “My prediction to come out of the NFC is the Green Bay Packers. This super bowl victory for Aaron Rodgers could help him create a stronger relationship with the Packers organization and cement his legacy as a top-tier quarterback of all time and further help him make the case for the GOAT as he approaches the accomplishments of Tom Brady.”

Chandrasekaran says the AFC is weaker than the NFC this season and he has hopes that the Patriots might make the Superbowl. “I really like the Titans and Rams as relatively new playoff teams. I think the top NFC teams are better than the AfC teams, but the AFC has more depth. It would definitely be interesting to see the Patriots vs Bucs but I do not think that’ll happen.”

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