“Cheer” Season 2 Drops on Netflix

By: Abby Gott — School News Editor

After a successful first season, the Netflix docuseries, Cheer season two, hit Netflix on January 12, 2022. The series focuses on the Navarro Community College cheer team who has won fourteen national championships since 2000. 

Season two includes Navarro’s rival team, Trinity Valley Community College, and their intense journey to nationals at Daytona Beach. Viewers see how much the start of the pandemic emotionally affected athletes that had been training all year. The series also addresses former Navarro cheerleader and season one favorite, Jerry Harris, and his recent federal child pornography sex charges. 

In a TIME article, journalist Hannah Lynn says that this season feels like two seasons packaged as one.“The first half concludes with the arrival of the pandemic and the arrest of Jerry Harris. The second half mostly goes back to the normal routine of cheerleaders building up their routine ahead of the 2021 competition, though the team is noticeably more emotionally exhausted by this point,” said Lynn. 

SHS senior Rachel Glass says that she liked how they included Trinity Valley’s cheer team in season two. “It added a competitive aspect to the show,” said Glass.  

“I think it’s impressive how much motivation both teams display through their endless efforts of practicing and perfecting their routines,” added Glass. 

In an article on Forbes, journalist Paul Tassi says that season 2 is much more intense because of the real-world events it displays. “This isn’t to say Cheer season 2 is bad or not worth watching, but it is much, much heavier than season 1, and I might just offer that as a warning that this is not exactly the feel-good story of season 1, minus perhaps the very end when the ultimate winner is crowned,” said Tassi. 

“Cheer season 2 is certainly worth watching, just understand that it’s a much, much different season than the first, and is not exactly going to be escapism, given the events that unfold,” added Tassi. 

Lynn says that there is an episode in the season dedicated to the allegation against Jerry Harris and the fallout the team experiences.” But it also heavily centers two of his accusers, twin brothers Charlie and Sam, who accused Harris of sexual harassment and of soliciting nude photos beginning when they were 13,” said Lynn. 

Senior Shelby Okstein says that she thought it was a good thing that Netflix did not ignore the situation. “They gave the victims a platform to be able to express themselves and say whatever they felt comfortable with,” said Okstein. 

Senior Sophie Zmoira says that she liked the first season better than the second. “Season two was very chaotic and covered so many different topics. I liked how in season one it was primarily focused on the hard but rewarding process to prepare for competition,” said Zmoira. 

“The show made me really invested in the athletes’ lives. Hearing how they have all overcome so many different obstacles before coming to Navarro is really touching. Season two continues to share the struggles that the cheerleaders have faced and how the head coach, Monica Aldama, is a big part of their support system,” added Zmoira. 

“You’ll have to give it a watch if you want to see who wins the 2021 nationals at Daytona,” added Glass. 

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