Bruins Fall to Red Wings in Detroit

By: Michael Weil— Correspondent

The Bruins lost to the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night. This gives them a record of 44-21-5, which has the B’s sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Division. The B’s are currently only a few games behind both the Lighting and Maple Leafs, who hold the 2 and 3 seeds in the conference.

The score of the Red Wing, Bruins game was 5-3, tying the series at 2 a piece. The Red Wings hold the 5 seed, following the Bruins at the 4 in the Atlantic Division.

The loss for the B’s snapped a 3 game win streak. The Red Wings’ goalie, Alex Nedeljkovic had a season high 47 saves for the Wings.

The Wings’ coach, Jeff Blashill, spoke of his confidence that he had with his goalie. “It felt like the puck wasn’t going to go in.”

Senior Craig Blatte says that the team’s record is not his biggest worry right now. “First off my biggest concern is with the health of the Bruins. In just the past week both Pastrnak and Lindholm have gotten hurt which is really concerning.”

Blatte says that the B’s other scoring lines have been playing well recently, but these injuries could slow the team down. “Since the second half of the year with the new lines our offense has looked really good, but without Pastranak it will be hard to sustain. Of course since the NHL is notoriously difficult with injuries it’s really hard to know how long each player will be out.”

Senior Adam Landstein says that the Bruins will hopefully be able to proceed into the playoffs despite these injuries. “If the Bruins can bounce back from these injuries and get Pasternak and Lindholm into the lineup, they can do some serious damage in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

Landstein says that the B’s have been playing well recently, and that they can carry this into the playoffs. “The Bruins have rounded a corner and been on a tear, but consistency wins championships and I didn’t see that same discipline against the Red Wings. The Bruins have some important division matches coming up in the final month of the regular season and we’ll need a strong push to lock in a strong seed and make a deep run.”

Blatte says with a healthy roster, the B’s are tough to beat. “If fully healthy, I think the Bruins can compete against any team. We’ve gotten really good depth scoring this year and Haula and Hall have picked up a lot of really good shifts on the second line. Debrusk has also picked it up into high gear and has been a great source of offense.”

The next few games of the season will determine the seedings going into the playoffs.

Blatte says the Bruins will be able to secure a matchup against a team like the Maple Leafs or Lightning in the first round. “Looking ahead, we got a massive game against the Lightning which could very well determine our playoff seeding. Personally I really want a Maple Leafs-Bruins Round One. With all the history between the two teams it would be the most exciting series imaginable.”

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