Western Conference Finals

By Ben Melamed — Correspondent

Game two of the Western Conference Finals tipped off, May 20th, at 9pm eastern time, between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. Game one was a 112 – 87 win for the Golden State Warriors. 

Despite a 25 – point win for the Warriors, game one was still a rather close game. The series could go either way, with how talented and well-coached both of these teams are. 

Sharon High School freshman Aidan McAuliffe says that the Warriors will win in seven games. “When [The Warriors] get hot they can’t be stopped. Right now Luka needs to be the best player in the world for the Mavericks to win, which is very hard.”

Sharon High School Freshman Cole Arundale says that the Mavericks will win in seven games. “They have Willie-Cauley Stein and he’s taller than anybody on the warriors and he will out rebound Kevon Looney who killed the Grizzlies.”

“I also think if Lil Wayne disrespects Luka, he will go off again,” added Arundale.

Sharon High School Freshman Zachary Bernstein says the Warriors will win in six games. “The Mavericks got carried by one player, who’s not MVP and he sucks and the Warriors, Jordan Poole will hurt Doncic the way he hurt Ja Morant, Luka is just not that good.”

Sharon High School Freshman Rishab Kini was undecided on the series. “I want the Mavericks to win, but I think they will go to a game 6 and Klay Thompson will win the game and the series. Game six Klay Thompson is way too good, 38 points, he’s gonna go off.”

In big situations, not only do stars step up, but role players also have to step up. Role players have to play a bigger role to help the stars like Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic, win the series. 

Arundale says Kevon Looney will step up. “He will have a surprisingly good series because he is the best rebounder out of any player in this series. Even though he isn’t the tallest, I feel his skill and drive will propel him.”

McAuliffe says Jalen Brunson and Draymond Green will step up “he’s honestly so underrated, if he has even a decent series, Luka will have a much easier time.”

“For the Warriors, it’s gotta be Draymond. Defense wins championships, all they gotta do is stop Luka and that means Draymond steps up,” added McAuliffe.

Bernstein says Luka will play even better than last series and Draymond will step up. “Luka Doncic will be the best player in the series. He carries the Mavericks, Draymond Green will surprise a lot of people because of his size, he will play a major role.”

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