Get to Know Ms. Ravesi-Weinstein!

By Ranya Merchant— Editor-In-Chief

Ms. Ravesi-Weinstein, SHS’s newest Assistant principal, has joined Mr. Fazzio as another friendly face in the hallway.

Ravesi-Weinstein accepted a position at SHS after working 4 years as an assistant principal at Milford High. She began her career as a science teacher in Attleboro where she first discovered a love for administration after becoming a department head and heading back to school to pursue a license in administration. 

Ravesi-Weinstein grew up in Canton and attended Canton High School where she played softball, soccer, and basketball. She regularly spent her summers relaxing at Lake Massapoag before heading to Crescent Ridge for a scoop of her favorite Peppermint Stick ice cream. She now visits the lake with her 6 and 9-year-old children and loves showing them around town.

Ravesi-Weinstein says SHS is unlike any of the other schools she’s worked at. “The greatest difference about SHS is the value this community has on education and the willingness of their students to seize every opportunity they have,” she said.

“I think that’s a really unique aspect of this place and it creates an inherent sense of pride that is a little more fabricated in other schools,” she added.

Before doors opened officially on the first day, Ravesi-Weinstein met with many students and staff members to discuss their aspirations for the new building and the upcoming year. 

She says that all the students she spoke with shared a desire to strengthen the community and she hopes to achieve their goal soon. “I was really surprised to see that all the students had very similar wishlists and at the top of them was to rebuild the sense of community that existed pre-covid. If you went into any school, they would probably tell you that things are very different now, but the fact that students were willing to voice their wish to bring things back is amazing.”

“If that’s what the students want and need, then that is what we’re here for— to service the students and provide them with every opportunity,” she added.

Ravesi-Weinstein says she already notices positivity growing in the building since her arrival. “I can’t speak to the change in atmosphere and vibe around here because I didn’t walk through the halls of the old building but people just seem happy. I walk through the halls and people are like “Hi Ms. Weinstein!” And I’m like “Hey!”—you don’t know me but “Hey! I just feel like there’s a happiness and a sense of pride that I’m really looking forward to seeing grow.” she said.

Along with community-building, Ravesi-Weinstein says her personal goal is to have students get to know her.

She says her favorite ways to pass time when she’s not working are to hang out with her kids and exercise. “My son is a hockey player and so I love watching him play and he loves it so much— it’s like how can you not be excited to see kids happy!” said Weinstein.

“On a personal level, I really enjoy being active and staying fit. I run a lot and I like to do road races.  I have a home gym that helps me stay focused and it’s sort of therapeutic for me. It makes me more patient and a better mom, and I think it makes me better at work too,” she added.

“I want people to see me as more than just this person behind a desk. I want people to know that I am approachable and that I want to come to your classes and participate. And I think that that sense of community starts from the top and works its way down,” said Ravesi-Weinstein. 

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