Intro to Field Hockey

By: Trisha Brahmachari—Editor-in-chief

As the 2022-2023 school year has started off strong, the SHS Field Hockey Team is ready to “shock the hock!”

School sports are a big part of the lives of many high schoolers. Whether it be just a way to pass time after school or the road to playing a sport in college, many students at Sharon High School participate in a sport. Field Hockey season at Sharon High has picked up in full swing and the team’s coaches and captains have major hopes to ensure a successful season. 

Captain Tanya Wadekar says preparation for a great season began in the winter for the team  “We began practicing for the season by participating in a winter league at an indoor stadium. Our girls really enjoyed playing and got better with each game,” said Wadekar. 

Captain Kendra Kodira says summer practice was also strong for the team. “Our team has constantly worked on perfecting a lot of skills over the summer and last few weeks. We are gaining more endurance, stick skills, and working on incorporating more complex plays into our routines,” she said.

On and off the field, the field hockey team has big plans for an amazing season. “I’m excited for the team bonding and for all of the dress up days we have planned,” said Captain Natalie Kessler. 

Kodira agrees. “I’m excited for our field hockey traditions, like secret psycher and dress up days! The other captains and I have a lot of fun team building events planned and can’t wait to build up more team spirit this year,” she added. 

Varsity Coach Paulina Kosmadakis is optimistic about the team’s performance this season. “This season I am excited for a win. I feel like this is our year to score a goal and shock the Hock” said Kosmadakis. 

Wadekar agrees. “I know that we have what it takes to score some goals this season,” said Wadekar. 

Kosmadakis also thinks that confidence is important. “I think when it comes to the game we need to work on having more confidence in our offense and honing in on our stick skills,” said Kosmadakis. 

“I hope that we can remain confident and energetic,” added Wadekar. 

The team hopes that they can finish each game proud of their performances. “In past years, we have sometimes struggled to maintain momentum from the start of the season so I want to see all the girls walk away from each town proud of themselves and their playing,” said Kodira. 

“Every year we work so hard and the score is never an indicator of the heart we put into this game. With that said I’m really excited for the team to continue to level up and challenge the towns around us,” said Kosmadakis. 

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