NASA’s James Webb Telescope Delivers Groundbreaking Images

By Ethan Horvitz— Sports Editor

The new James Webb Telescope, also known as The Webb Telescope, from NASA has been able to give us lots of new information about space and time as we know it. This telescope replaced the old Hubble Telescope in hopes to get clearer pictures of space, and more. These pictures will show us things that we never would have thought we could see. 

NASA had been working relentlessly to make this Webb telescope in order to have it ready for its launch on July 12, 2022, when we first received photos from its lens. With a sharper and farther focus, Webb is able to outdo Hubble and obtain far better results. Mr. Jarrod Gorman, the astronomy teacher at Sharon High School, says the telescope is a necessary improvement. “We wanted, needed, something to go beyond what the aging Hubble Telescope was providing us,” said Gorman.

The images we get from this telescope are much better than the Hubble Telescope because of new better technology in the machine. “The Webb’s ability to focus farther and sharper has given us groundbreaking images,” Gorman added. 

We are able to see much more of the universe through the new technologies that are attached to NASA’s new Webb. “Since it is viewed in the infrared range, the images can be taken through dust clouds and give us clearer images,” Gorman said. This allows us to see some things that were unreachable previously. 

 The photos produced from the Webb Telescope are very important to understanding our universe. “Every time new pictures are released, there is the potential to change what we know about how the universe works,” said Gorman. 

The pictures taken from Webb since July 12, 2022 have given us tons of information. “We’re seeing things that make us question the very laws of physics as we know them,” added Gorman. 

Gorman explains what we captured so far from NASA Webb and says the telescope still has much more to offer us and that it is not finished in its duties. “Other galaxies, inside Nebulas, black holes, you name it. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface and already we have so much to unpack,” he said. 

The Big Bang Theory and more that we do not know much about have been more solidified through the photos taken by Webb. “We’ve found details that actually make us question things we thought we already knew,” added Gorman. 

The images that NASA has taken from the Webb Telescope are making it easier for scientists to understand space much more because of the clear images it can take of things very far away. “We are seeing things that happened years and years ago— at its maximum, 13 billion years ago!” said Gorman. 

Being able to see this far into space, and technically into the past, we are able to gather much more solid evidence of how galaxies formed. “This means we can more accurately understand our own solar system’s overall lifespan,” said Gorman, explaining how important this really is to NASA’s research. 

“It’s really quite awesome,” added Gorman.

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