Tragedy Hits Pop Culture: PnB Rock’s Death

By: Tess Letendre—School News Editor

On September 12, 2022, famous rapper Rakim Hasheem Allen, also known as PnB Rock, was robbed and shot dead in South Los Angeles. The investigation started immediately as the public was determinedto pinpoint the reasoning behind the murder. To conduct a thorough investigation, the LAPD delved deep into the personal life of the famous rapper. 

“PnB’s lyrics are also under a microscope at the moment, with cops wanting to see if he referenced any feuds he might’ve had with any of his peers and/or other individuals,” TMZ released after saying the LAPD was investigating deeper. 

This unexpected tragedy sits in the hearts of many other celebrities in the community, “It’s too much senseless violence. Too much opportunity and motivation to take things other people work hard for. It’s too much life to live to take someone else’s away,” rapper Roddy Ricch told the press.

His passing was shocking and upsetting due to his years of contribution to the R&B scene. “It’s very unexpected and saddening [his death] since he played such an underrated role towards the R&B community which didn’t seem to be appreciated,” senior Amanda Brown said as a PnB Rock fan.

“His death affected the rap community in a big way and he had a strong impact for too many years,” added junior Anthony Piron. 

The loss of this rapper hit fans hard as his music was enjoyed across the board, “Of course, I liked his music. He had some tone about him where you knew he was sad but he wanted to use his sadness to make people relate to him, similar to how Juice World and X made music,” said senior Jack Glassman.

PnB Rock was a vital part of R&B music. “His voice differs from everyone else, and he is able to collaborate with all kinds of artists from Kodak Black to Ed Sheeran. He finds a way to match his voice to any kind of beat for all occasions,” said Brown.

One of PnB’s more popular songs hit the charts in 2012, “I really like his features a lot, but obviously ‘Selfish’ is a banger,” Glassman continued. 

Senior Allie Kramer adds, “My favorite song is ‘Selfish’, it’s a very catchy song.”

Communities want to highlight that PnB Rock was more than merely his loveable music, and should be remembered as all the things he was here for, “PnB Rock was more than an artist,” Atlantic Records wrote. 

Brown also shares he was more than his music. “Everyone knows his hits, yet didn’t take the time to dig in and really appreciate him as a person.”

Atlantic Records continued, “To many, Rakim Allen was a great friend. He was also a wonderful father to two beautiful little girls. This news is heavy on our hearts and we are all hurting over this senseless loss.”

“As a PnB SoundCloud supporter, he will be missed,” Brown said.

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