Canada’s Manhunt Ends

By: Lujayn Al-Husayni – Correspondent

The Canada Killer, Myles Sanderson, has been captured after a long 3-day chase. He was finally caught, about 4 km (2 m) east of Crystal Springs, Saskatchewan. 

According to court documents, Myles Sanderson’s upbringing was characterized by violence, neglect, and drug misuse. Sanderson, an Indigenous person who grew up on the 1,900-person Cree reserve, began drinking and using marijuana at the age of 12, then cocaine shortly after.

Sanderson attacked over 29 people, killing 10 and leaving 19 injured with the help of his brother, Damien Sanderson. 

1 of the 10 people Sanderson killed was Bonnie Goodvoice-Burns. Mark Arcand, chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council, says his sister, Bonnie Goodvoice-Burns, died protecting her three children. “Her son was lying there already deceased. My sister went out and tried to help her son, and she was stabbed two times, and she died right beside him,” he said. 

“Right outside of her home she was killed by senseless acts. She was protecting her son. She was protecting three little boys. This is why she is a hero,” he added. 

Ivor Wayne Burns, whose sister was slain in the weekend attacks says. On these reservations, there is an extreme drug and alcohol issue. 

The police first suspected Damien of being the murderer but when they went looking for him, they found him dead near the site of the attacks. The theory is that his brother might have killed him.

Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said they forced Sanderson’s vehicle into a ditch where the officers found a knife in it so they arrested him, the police chief said. He was taken into custody at around 15:30 local time (22:30 BST) and taken to a hospital in Saskatoon, where he was pronounced dead. 

The parents of Damien and Myles Sanderson have apologized many times to the victims’ families. “I want to apologize for my son, my sons,” said their mother in an interview with CBC News. 

“We don’t know the whole story, but I want to apologize to everybody that was hurt and affected by this terrible situation,” she added.  

The other victims, Thomas Burns, Carol Burns , Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Cristian Head, Robert Sanderson, and Wesley Petterson, all belonged to the Indigenous community of the James Smith Cree Nation, one being from a nearby town of Weldon.

The parole board’s decision to release Sanderson was questioned by Sharna Sugarman, who was setting up a GoFundMe for the victims. She also questioned why Sanderson remained at large months after being declared “illegally at large.”

Sharna Sugarman, a counselor to one of the stabbing victims, says that is simply outrageous. You weren’t really looking that hard if they said they had been looking for him.

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