Thailand Massacre Leaves 36 Dead

By Lujayn Al-Hussayni— Correspondent

Bodies littered the ground at the local nursery in Tha Uthai, Thailand. 

Panya Khampra, a 34 year old ex-cop fired for using drugs, started to rampage all over town. He had a hot temper and started fights after he was fired. He divorced recently, and then moved in with a woman and her child. After he was fired, he would make it a habit from time to time to shoot the air with his gun.

Earlier that day, Panya was summoned to a court appointment on a drug charge, and when he came back, his girlfriend and her son were gone. 

He left his house one day and was driving his truck when he hit a man on his motorcycle. The witness, a man named Sombat Rattani, witnessed the incident and tried to help the man.He stopped the truck, rolled down the window, shot the man, and continued on with his journey.

He reached an intersection where he crashed into a group of people on his way, got out of the car, and stabbed them. Three of them died, while others were severely wounded. 

Panya then made his way to the nursery for an unknown reason. When he arrived, he killed 26 people in the nursery— 22 of them were children. He walked inside the building and went inside each room, shooting teachers and slashing children with his machete.  

“He didn’t say anything, he shot at the door while the kids were sleeping,” a woman said, becoming distraught. The sleeping children had no idea what was going to happen. He killed them all.

Everyone tried to run except two teachers, pregnant Supaporn Pramongmook and Maliwan Lasopha, who stayed behind to reason with Panya. 

Maliwan’s father was told that she was told to run and she did but then she went back for the children and the 8-months pregnant teacher. She tried to reason with Panya but he didn’t want to listen. He killed them both.

The only survivor was a three year old girl named Ammy. She was carried out with a blanket over her eyes.

After Panya returned to his village, he was questioned by his neighbor. He asked what was Panya doing here while Panya replied “I’m here to f***ing kill you” and then proceeded to shoot him and another man.

Panya continued on to his house that he shared with his girlfriend and her son, and set his truck on fire. Later, around 3 p.m. he walked into the house, where he killed his girlfriend, her son and then shot himself.

A woman named Suwan heard Panya arguing with the village chief, and he was afraid. He warned Panya about his behavior and that he should watch his temper.

Police tested him for drugs and found that he was not on any drugs throughout the massacre. He purposely killed children.

“Everyone gets depressed,” shopkeeper Sombat said. “But the solution is not crime … Why did he attack and hurt children? That is what we’re asking,” he said.

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