Get to Know Ms. Blair!

By Inbar RabinovskyCorrespondent

The Sharon High School social studies department has a new coordinator joining the American Studies team— Ms. Blair.

Blair grew up in Chicago, Illinois and has been teaching for more than 20 years. She previously taught in Cambridge, Hudson, Newton and Randolph MA. 

Blair says she likes the community in Sharon and how committed staff are to students and their needs. “Teachers and other educators are very talented and highly dedicated to their students,” said Blair.

Blair also enjoys how Sharon is changing to make quality education achievable for everyone, making sure all students feel welcome. “Sharon is also working hard to make learning accessible and equitable for everyone, and I think that’s important,” said Blair. 

Blair has some very impressive masters degrees in several studies from impressive colleges. “I hold Masters’ Degrees in Sociology and Cultural Studies, Teaching and Curriculum, and Educational Administration, from Wheelock College, Harvard University, and Endicott College, respectively,” said Blair. 

She is also very passionate about promoting diversity and maintaining an inclusive community. “I am passionate about anti-racism and equity in education, as well as history and media literacy,” said Blair.

Out of school she enjoys staying active and being involved in outdoor activities. “I like hiking, biking, and running,” said Blair. 

She usually finds herself baking or doing some at home activities. “I also enjoy baking and DIY projects at my house,” said Blair.

For this upcoming school year she is hoping to bring new perspectives into the history and science social classes. “I’m excited to work with teachers on making our history and social science classes even more impactful,” said Blair. 

Since she didn’t get to experience the old Sharon High School building, the new one is not as new for her. “I did not know the old school, so I don’t have a point of comparison,” said Blair. 

She does feel that the breakout rooms and seating areas are a good addition to the school. “I really like the open feel—the glass, the light, and the flexible meeting spaces available to students,” said Blair. 

Blair says Sharon is a great place to work with lots of curious students and kind staff. She says everyone cares about learning and is committed to making the community a better place. “Sharon is a great place to work! The students are curious and passionate, and so are the teachers. Everyone cares a lot about learning, and using what we learn to make our communities and our world a better place,” said Blair. 

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