Putin Threatens Nuclear War in Ukraine

By Travis Young—Correspondent

The Russo-Ukrainian war has been escalating for the past year yielding new updates daily.

The Russo-Ukrainian war began in 2014, but escalated rapidly in the past year. Russia, who has been orchestrating countless raids on Ukraine, is trying to take some of the area for personal gain. Ukraine has been strong and with support from many countries around the world, like the USA and Australia, they are fighting back. 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that he appreciates America’s efforts to help Ukraine. “I would like to thank you personally, and President Biden and the US administration for your support, for military assistance to Ukraine, for increasing this assistance,” said Zelenskyy to United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

  Russian president Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear bombs upon anyone who intervenes in their plans. Although some people say it is immature of him to use nuclear bombs, Putin believes they are necessary to protect his land. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says America will respond to nuclear bombs using their own methods. “If Russia crosses this line, there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia. The United States will respond decisively,” he said.

Russia has been bombarding the capital of Ukraine, and other places around Ukraine, with targeted drone strikes. Some bombs are intercepted and destroyed, most make landfall, and the damage and death to civilians is common when they do hit the ground. Russia is using these drones to also target their attacks on Ukrainian power and water sources, leaving Ukraine in a state of no power, water and gas to cook. “Over 1.4 million Ukrainian households have lost electricity after a morning of repeated Russian air raids,” Said Zelenskyy

Ukraine has introduced a schedule for pre-planned blackouts so they can avoid uncontrolled power outages because of these missile strikes. Poland and America are making efforts to see this plan go through. 

Russia has also declared Martial Law for the regions Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia. Martial Law means that the government took over ruling instead of the people. Putin is trying to tighten his grip on Ukraine and to further his agenda in becoming their new ruler. This introduces some problems for the Ukraine and Russian people, like travel bans and banning public gatherings. 

Putin is also giving extra power to the other leaders in Russia. “In addition, in the current situation, I consider it necessary to give additional powers to the leaders of all Russian regions,” said Putin in a meeting of his Security Council. 

Russia is also threatening the U.S. that if some commercial satellites get involved in the war, they would be taken out too. “U.S. commercial satellites and those of its allies could be targets for Russian retaliatory strikes if they became involved in the Ukraine war,” said a senior Russian official. 

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