The Kanye West Controversy

By: Ethan Horvitz—Sports Editor

Kanye West, more recently known as Ye, has made headlines the past few weeks for a few choice words regarding the Jewish community. All of the Jewish staff working for Ye have all left– causing his net worth to drop from $1.1 billion to $400 million. 

 Fans have stopped listening to his music due to his statements posted on Twitter, which includes his plans of “going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE”.

Sharon High School senior, Jack Glassman, says he wants to separate the art from the artist, but it is getting harder. “ I have see his anti-Semetic remarks actually have an effect on neo-nazis and motivate them to be more vocal which I really am not liking,” he said. 

Ye has previously come out as mentally ill. Some fans argue this as an excuse for his actions, while others state that  he needs to own up to his actions. 

Regarding his defense, senior Tess Letendre remarks,“I think he’s majorly anti-semetic and it is beyond the point of blaming it on his mental illness”.

Letendre also thinks that his fame and platform could cause his opinions to spread and give anti-Semites a voice, “Although a lot of his followers understand what he is doing is wrong, there will be a handful of people supporting his anti-Semetic remarks,” Letendre said. 

Some feel that his claims are already being more widely spread, and have been giving anti-Semites a bigger audience. “Now his anti-Semetic remarks have given neo-Nazis more confidence in their beliefs and actions, and a bigger voice. That is when the separation of jokes and hate is seen,” said Glassman. 

Senior Amanda Brown says that Ye has been given many chances with previous controversies. But she thinks he might have taken it too far this time. “I liked his music and listened to it, he was crazy before but people didn’t care because of his popularity and music. But now, with what he is saying about Jewish people, there’s no excuse,” Brown said. 

Ye has now been banned from or muted on almost all social media due to what he has said. Sharon sophomore, Aiden McAuliffe, does not think he should be banned, despite that what was said was anti-Semetic. “Nah. I don’t think he should be banned, because social media should be included in freedom of speech, even though he said things I don’t agree with,” McAuliffe said. 

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, a major Jewish figure today, believes Ye crossed the line between being mad at a person and actually being anti-Semetic. “Here is the difference between anti-Semitism and naming just a person who happens to be Jewish— that you’re blaming all the Jewish people,” Shapiro said.

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