University of Virginia Mourns Campus Shooting Victims

By: Travis Young—Correspondent

On the night of November 13th, three University of Virginia football players, Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr, and D’Sean Perry were shot and killed in a shooting on campus because of an altercation on a bus after a field trip.

Students at UVA were sitting on the bus as the shooter, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr, pushed one of the victims, Lavel Davis Jr. After that, gunfire erupted and Christopher ran off the bus. That gunfire ended with the deaths of 3 juniors and 2 others who also go to UVA. Christopher did have a criminal record, including a concealed weapon charge and a reckless driving/hit-and-run charge.

“I’m ready for somebody to pinch me and wake me up and say this didn’t happen,” said the coach Tony Elliot.

Davis Jr. was the starting wide receiver for the Cavaliers, and his average YPC (Yards Per Catch) were around 23. With a height of six-foot-seven as a wide receiver, he was Virginia’s No.1 deep receiver. “Big smile, lights up the room, and most people would say because he’s the tallest guy in the room but just his presence, he’s got a gentleness about him, but he’s passionate about what he believes in,” said Coach Elliot

The running back for the team, Mike Hollins was also injured during the shooting, but is now out of the hospital and is looking to make a full recovery. He courageously went back into the bus after the gunshots had been fired to go help his teammates. “What I’m hearing is Mike made it off the bus, but went back to help his friends and was shot. So, that’s my baby. I could absolutely see him doing that.” said his mother, Brenda Hollins.

The NFL team the Washington Commanders are going to wear the numbers 1, 15, and 41 on their helmet in their coming games to respect the players and honor the players passing because those were their numbers when they played. “Our hearts are with UVA Football and the UVA community affected by the tragedy.” said the Washington Commanders in a tweet on the 18th.

The Virginia Football team had not played their last game because of the incident, and have now canceled their final game against Virginia Tech. “The Atlantic Coast Conference announced today that the Virginia at Virginia Tech football game scheduled for Saturday, November 26, has been canceled,” A representative from the University of Virginia said. 

The funeral for Lavel Davis Jr was held on November 30th, and tribute for the young star was shown from his family, friends, and others across the country. “His athletic and academic accomplishments were enviable. His service to his church and community were admirable and his relationships with his family and friends were legendary,” said House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn.

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