A Review of Ginny and Georgia

By: Taylor Standring—Correspondant

Ginny and Georgia fans listen up! Season 2 is out on Netflix now!  

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia was a runaway hit when Season 1 was released last year, with audiences comparing it to the classic Gilmore Girls. It features Antonia Gentry playing the angst-ridden teen Ginny Miller, who acts and feels more mature than her young, dynamic mother, Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey. In order to escape her dark, complicated past, Georgia moves her family, including Ginny, her husband Kenny, and her son Austin, across the U.S. However, after Kenny’s sudden death, Georgia finally opts to put down some roots, and the family settles in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Let’s recap the drama that entails the family throughout the first season!

Season 1 follows all that takes place in their new hometown. Neither Ginny nor Austin were happy with their new home, as they had adapted to their nomadic lifestyle. Despite this, Ginny becomes close with a group of three girls, who name themselves M.A.N.G: an acronym of their names.

It’s safe to say that Ginny swiftly settles into her new life. However, things start to get a little complicated when she begins to develop feelings for her new friend Maxine’s bad-boy twin brother, Marcus. Despite her attachment to Marcus, Ginny ends up dating Maxine’s friend Hunter.

Ginny is not the only one to catch feelings in this new and rich town. Georgia immediately finds work in mayor Paul Randolph’s office, and ends up falling for him. The feeling is mutual, and it’s not long before the pair are engaged.

Flashbacks throughout the first episode reveal that Kenny’s death wasn’t accidental. When Georgia witnesses him sexually assaulting Ginny during a yoga session, she decides to slip wolfsbane poison into his smoothie, causing him to crash his car and die later that day. 

Through the work of a private investigator that was hired by Kenny’s other ex-wife, Ginny finds out the truth behind her father’s death. The mother-daughter pair already have a strained and dysfunctional relationship, and this knowledge pulls Ginny even further away from Georgia.

What ultimately drives the wedge between Georgia’s relationship with her children is the discovery that Georgia was intercepting all the letters Austin wrote to his father, Gil, who is in prison. In reality, Gil, Austin’s father, had been abusive, which Georgia hid from the children. She’d eventually made another of her poor decisions to sort the situation herself by framing Gil for embezzlement to get him out of their lives. Finding out the truth about the letters, Austin believes his mother has been keeping him from his father for no reason and conspires with an equally-as-angry Ginny to run away, believing Georgia is selfish and immoral. 

The series ends with Ginny and Austin running away on a motorcycle, unaware that everything their mother has done has been to protect them. Georgia’s strength and resilience revealed throughout the series was covered up by her poor choices and rough upbringing.“I think Georgia is an incredibly strong woman who always keeps pushing through. Sometimes life isn’t about being liked the most, it’s about doing what’s best, even when it’s the toughest option and that’s what Georgia Miller does,” Sophomore Amaya Zibrak says, “She shows a lot for women in our society,” Zibrak adds.  

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