Who Will Win Super Bowl 57?

By: Jack Glassman—Sports Editor

Going into the biggest game of the year, the Chiefs have the best rated offense in the league, with the Eagles ranked one spot behind them. With two highly-rated offenses, this game is expected to be very high scoring. 

The Chiefs have made the Super Bowl three times in the past four years, while the Eagles have made the Super Bowl twice in the past six years, making this matchup much more competitive. Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is responsible for each of those appearances although it is young Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts’ first appearance in the big game.

People are eager to watch two of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Mahomes and Hurts go head to head in the superbowl. Senior Jack Bates says, “This puts two future G.O.A.T.s (Greatest Of All Time) in Mahomes and Hurts against each other and I think that they are both really good”.

“The best matchup we could have gotten in the playoffs would’ve been the Chiefs versus the Bengals in the AFC Championship, but this matchups is definitely a close second,” added senior Joden Chanel.

The NFL announces the winner of the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award for the regular season the night before the Super Bowl. Since 2001, nine MVPs have lost the Super Bowl after being given the award creating the ‘MVP curse’.

While the Eagles’ and Chiefs’ offenses are ranked as the best in the league, these offenses are led by two MVP candidates; however, some believe that these young stars will not be affected by possibly receiving the award. “These are some of the best offenses going up against each other in the Super Bowl and I think this is more of an offensive matchup and I don’t think the winner of the MVP will determine who wins or loses the Super Bowl,” says senior Marco Graca. 

After suffering an ankle sprain in the divisional round of the playoffs, Mahomes was evidently unable to move around as much when being rushed by the opposing team’s defensive line. “I don’t think it will hurt him in the Super Bowl. In the last game, it only affected his mobility when he had to pivot and with how Mahomes throws the football, if you really look at it, he throws at different arm angles, so if you can manipulate the way you throw the ball, then you don’t have to be as mobile, but regardless it still hurts Mahomes’ ability to move in and out of the pocket,” says Chanel.

Some believe that Mahomes will perform just as well in the Super Bowl as he would with a healthy ankle. Graca says, “Regardless of Patrick Mahomes’ injury he’s very clutch and can probably put up serious numbers still. For the Eagles, Jalen Hurts has an elite offensive line, giving him tons of time in the pocket to find those targets like A.J. Brown…I think the Eagles will win 30-23”.

The pressure of playing in the Super Bowl is nothing new to Mahomes, but this feeling is new to Hurts. “I think Patrick Mahomes will perform better under pressure because he’s seasoned and even though he’s slightly injured he’ll go out there and put on a show like he usually does,” says Bates. 

“He’s [Mahomes] just a dog when it comes to situations like these. He’s probably the next Tom Brady,” added Chanel.

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