A Wrap-Up of the World Cup

By: Bryce Flowers—Correspondent

The world wide event, the World Cup, ended with one of the best games of all time, France versus Argentina. The game was an all-time classic, ending with Argentina and Lionel Messi winning the world cup. 

In this tournament, we saw many great players, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, possibly play in their last world cup as their international playing era came to an end. There was also an impressive display of skill from young players with great potential such as 19 year old Jamal Musila of Germany and 24 year old Kylian Mbappe of France and Paris Saint Germain. Following a month of intense matches, the World Cup concluded after racking up over 1.5 billion viewers. 

Some people felt that Messi was better than Ronaldo during the World Cup. Junior Zach Connors said, “Messi was very good throughout the tournament and it looked like he had a few more years left in him. Throughout the tournament he was the best player on the field with his skill, ball control, and his shooting….Ronaldo looked past his prime and his team didn’t know how to play with him. Since leaving Manchester United, I have considered him to be a selfish player and his selfishness was shown throughout the world cup”.

It is argued that the World Cup final this year was the best game of soccer ever seen. The goals, drama, and intensity was something that was unmatched. History and Science of Well Being teacher Mr. Stephen Banno said, “The World Cup finals game alone was one of the best soccer games I have experienced since the 1999 Women’s World Cup finals. Similar to ’99, I experienced a myriad of emotions all in one game. A very special experience”.  

Messi’s gameplay in the World Cup was like no other. “I have seen Ronaldo play in the past; however, watching Messi play was thrilling. The passion and conviction and commitment of his teammates and also of Messi was very special. Watching the creativity necessary to pass the soccer ball on the pitch and create scoring opportunities was like watching a canvas being filled by an extraordinary painter,” Banno said. 

In Messi’s career, he had made the World Cup final once before, but lost, so fans were pulling for him and his team this time around. “I was very entertained and thought it was one of the best World Cups and World Cup finals in the last decade… My emotions were off and on as I was rooting for Lionel Messi when I was watching the World Cup final. Just like many other people around the country and world, I wanted Messi to finally win a World Cup and officially be known as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)”, Connors said.

“Watching the World Cup was amazing. Like many others, I was a bit skeptical about the World Cup before it started, but afterwards I was very grateful to be able to watch all of these games. This was a fantastic month of soccer and I can’t wait to watch the next World Cup in four years,” Connors added.

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