Lil Baby’s “Low Down”: the Unofficial Anthem of Kansas State Basketball

By Jack Glassman — Sports Editor

Many sports players may get pre-game butterflies, but with the help of music they are able to focus on the game ahead of them. The right songs or genre of music can enhance one’s mood which is key to putting on a good performance.

Before every game, the March Madness 3-seeded Kansas State Wildcats men’s basketball team, including coaches, would listen, dance, and clap along to ‘Low Down’ by Lil Baby in the locker room. Videos of this pre-game routine have gone viral on Tik Tok, causing many bettors to put their money on the Wildcats due to the hype; however, these bettors quickly lost their money as the 9-seeded Florida Atlantic (FAU) Owls defeated the Wildcats in the Elite Eight by three. 

Music is a big motivator for athletes in their pre-game routines, so it is no surprise that after enjoying some Lil Baby in the locker room, that Kansas State went on to defeat talented teams. “Music has a tremendous impact. As an athlete myself, I can speak on this, when I listen to music before games it hypes me up and gets my blood flowing a bit so it makes an impact for sure,” said senior Sam Chateauneuf.

Listening to music is essential to some people in order to be efficient in completing any tasks in general. “Music is one of the most important things in the world and I believe everybody should listen to music while they’re doing anything,” said senior Jonny Tyler. 

Kansas State’s relationship with Lil Baby and his music has been mutually beneficial. Will Schube of Udiscovermusic said, “Shortly after Lil Baby’s 2020 hit ‘Low Down’ became the unofficial anthem of the Cinderella Kansas State Men’s Basketball team during the NCAA Tournament, the song has launched into the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart”.

On their run to the Elite Eight, Kansas State got through three talented teams: Montana State, Kentucky, and Michigan State. Tyler said, “Lil Baby is the only reason K-State made it to the Elite Eight, but they lowkey ruined the song for me, I’ve been on that song since the album dropped”.

“Lil Baby carried them hard 100 percent. K-State rode Lil Baby’s energy and wave throughout their games,” added Chateauneuf.

With so many people listening to the three year old Lil Baby song, it may return to the Billboard Hot 100. “‘Low Down’ debuted at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 2020, but don’t be surprised to see the song rising up again now that people are playing it to keep themselves going,” Donnavan Smoot of Yahoo Sports said.

After defeating Kansas State in the Elite Eight, the Owls of FAU proceeded to film a petty video of them listening to Lil Baby in the locker room. “FAU clapping to ‘Low Down’ post game was a bit of a cheap shot, they know that’s Kansas State’s song,” said senior Joden Chanel.

Tyler added, “I’m glad that Kansas State showed no attention to FAU’s pettiness because without Lil Baby, Kansas State would have fumbled and been a possible first round exit”.

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