If Drake was American could he be President?

By Jack Glassman— Sports Editor

In the past, there have been foreign-born U.S. government officials like former Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwartzanegger; however, there has never been a U.S. president born outside of the country. Schwartzanegger was the closest foreign-born citizen to become a presidential candidate, but due to United States laws he was not allowed to go past his Governor position. 

Aubrey Drake Graham (Drake), who is from Canada, is widely considered as one of the greatest rappers of all-time due to his multi-decade dominance over the music industry. Although U.S. law prevents Drake from running for office, many question both whether he would make a good president and whether his fan base is more powerful than that of Donald Trump or Joe Biden. 

Pop culture power alongside certain political views are key to Drake’s support. Senior Aaron Stafford says, “Drake is a part of pop culture, so you gotta think about how many people like pop culture: like one in five, and you also gotta think about how many people dislike Donald Trump, which is a good amount of people, especially where we’re from”.

Due to Drake’s younger age, thirty-six, compared to traditional presidential candidates he is more connected to younger voters. “Personally I’d love to see Drake in office in 2024 because he’s younger. We’ve had a lot of old presidents recently and I just want someone a little more connected to pop culture and connected to the younger population,” says senior Sam Chateauneuf.

“Having a younger president in office from a different generation could be good because different generations may have a different perspective on how the country should be run,” adds senior Carly Buckman.

If Drake decided to run for office his lack of experience in politics could hurt his reputation with voters. “Drake is a very knowledgeable person, but he has a lot to learn. Regardless, I know he could make this country even better,” says senior Amanda Brown.

Some Jewish voters are looking for Drake to put his religious identity in the forefront of his potential campaign. Senior Cam Birnbaum says, “I would only vote for Drake if he wore a yahmakah because he’s half jewish”.

If Drake wants to be president, then it is important that he expresses his political views in his music. “I do think music has a lot to do with your political beliefs. I think you can really share a lot about what you think of the world in the music you make, so this summer tour could be a plot to gain more voters,” says senior Rebecca Hoffstein.

“When going on tour, his name is going to be everywhere, so if he gains support nationally, then there’s a possibility Drake could be the president in 2024,” adds Stafford.

In the race for office, swing states are vital to winning a majority of votes. Senior Saketh Gosetty says, “I think it’s smart of him to go on tour this summer because it could be important for him to gain support politically especially in those swing states”.

People have different opinions as to who should be Drake’s vice president if he were ever to be eligible to run. “Future would be a great vice president, but overall I really want to see the U.S. take over Canada and annex Toronto because then Drake would technically be born in the U.S.,” says Chateauneuf.

The rapper Future has not only a collaboration album with Drake, but also multiple hit singles, so people say this high chemistry could make them good running mates. “I would want Future as Drake’s vice president because Life Is Good and he is the future of this nation,” says Hoffstein.

“I would want Future as vice president because I think he’d balance out Drake’s laziness and he’d actually get things done for the country during his term,” adds junior Ronan Widland.

Due to their upcoming tour together this summer, many speculate that 21 Savage could be Drake vice president instead of Future. Birnbaum says, “I personally think 21 [Savage] would be a better vice president candidate because they’re going on tour together and why would they go on tour together if he wasn’t vice president”.

21 Savage and Drake’s musical success is similar to Future and Drake’s as they, too, have an album together alongside multiple hit singles. Stafford says, “I think that Drake and 21 Savage running together is a banger of an idea because I think after dropping their album Her Loss and having all those other songs together on top of that, their chemistry has got to be high”.

Although there is confidence in Drake’s possible presidency from a certain population, there is disapproval from others. “I don’t think Drake would make a good president because he’s lazy. He was asking 21 [Savage] to do something for him. If you’re going to be the president of the United States then you have to be willing to step up and do things yourself to better the country. Drake is too submissive,” says senior Liam Grabie.

Because of his career as a rapper some people, foreign and domestic, may not take him seriously as a leader of the United States. “The country would be too soft with Drake as president, we wouldn’t get anything done,” says Widland.

“I’m not anti-Drake, but he wouldn’t make a good president. I love his music though,” adds senior Malachi Diaz.

Contrastly, his supporters would love to see him in office. “I think he could be president in today’s political climate. He’s a unifying force and he’s a good guy who wants the best for everybody,” says senior Mason Lelling.

Drake’s story makes him a more likable candidate in the eyes of many. “Drake started from the bottom and now he’s here. Think about it, the whole team is here now. Drake would become the greatest president in United States history if he were elected,” says senior David Chorney.

Gosetty adds, “It’s Drizzy, The 6 God, he would totally run the country very well”.

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