Seniors Significantly Affected By the Timing of Lunch

By: Jaida Moreschi (Correspondent)

Senior lunch at the very end of the day causes struggles for many students who must eat then. Seniors barely have any beverages left by last lunch. And, like the other grades, they are forced to clean up early and head back to class before the time lunch actually ends. 

Seniors end up being very hungry by the time 1:17pm rolls around. Sure, they can eat snacks throughout the day, but because of how late lunch is, seniors grow tired of waiting and they become irritable.

Assistant principal Ms. Elizabeth Gavin proposed the excellent idea of having rotating lunches as a fix for late senior lunch. This way, every grade has the opportunity to go to first, second, third, and fourth lunch. Gavin says “I know it’s difficult when we have four lunches….How about a rotating lunch so seniors don’t always eat last?”she asks. 

Gavin put the proposition out because of her past experiences in other schools, she says “I have worked in schools where the first lunch was at 10:30 and that was really breakfast,” she said.

It is hard having four lunches, says Gavin. There aren’t a whole lot of options “if you look at our schedule with Eagle Block the way it falls there aren’t a whole lot of other options when you start at 11:40 so we’re not starting super early and you want to give kids enough time. So there’s not a lot of options. I don’t want to start at 10:30 so if we start at 11:40 I think it’s what makes sense.”

Senior Taezhon Monterio agrees that it would be very beneficial to have a rotating lunch “I get senior lunch everyday and I normally go to the sandwich line to make a rap and sometimes there’s just not a lot of material left over, and sometimes I can’t even get falafel” he said.

Gavin says that students have complained to her about food running out, but she’s never seen it with her own eyes, she says, “Every time I’ve checked there is still food…but maybe there isn’t as much variety and maybe it would be better to have rotating lunches,” she said. 

Maybe another fix would also be to increase stock and add rotating lunches, so all students can have an equal opportunity to eat at all lunches and also have enough food and beverages to last them till the end of the day.

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