“Liberators” Heads to the Massachusetts Theater Festival

By: Sarah Joy (Correspondent)

Sharon High School Theatre Company has chosen the play Liberators, to perform in the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild (METG) Festival competition. 

The Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild holds a competitive high school theatre festival where 112 schools from all over Massachusetts compete with a forty-minute show until there is a  winning school. Two of the three schools will then be chosen to represent Massachusetts in the New England Drama Festival. There are three rounds of the High School Festival: the preliminary round, the semi-final round, and finals.

The Sharon High Theatre Company or SHSTC, is hosting the semifinal round of festival, here at the high school. Semis take place on Saturday, March 14th. SHSTC is going to Joseph Case High Highschool on the 29th of February, for the preliminary round. Finals are on the 26th through the 28th of March. 

Adam Joy, an ELA and drama teacher here at Sharon High, is SHSTC’s director. Liberators, a modern and very political show was chosen for this season. Joy says he thought the script presents “an exciting opportunity.” After speaking with students and his colleagues; he concluded that a more contemporary show would be something new for the company. 

“The show is about the occupation of a government. I don’t want to spoil the hook so that’s really all I will say for now!” Mr. Joy said when asked about the content of the show itself. 

A common theme in past years for shows has been fairy tales and fantasy. Joy decided he wanted to take the chance to expose the company to new acting styles and more contemporary pieces. “Coming out of Mamma Mia, I thought this script provided a nice contrast to have a well rounded year,” said Mr. Joy. 

“Considering the political situation that our country is currently in, it takes a lot to consider what we are going to do as citizens,” said sophomore Mirielle Yampolsky. “Especially as high school students that will eventually vote and make decisions to help our country or ruin it,” she added. 

The show was written by William Donnally, but Mr. Joy was given full rights to the show, which simply means that SHSTC is at liberty to adapt and change the show in any way that is seen fit. “I saw this show in college. The playwright was an alumnus where I went to school,” says Mr. Joy. 

Some students within the company have said that this year’s design process and the social environment have been different from years in the past. “This show has been through a lot of trial and error, from the cast and crew to just everything in general,” said junior Megan Hanlon. 

 “Our company is made up of 44 artists and storytellers,” said Mr. Joy “the students are the heartbeat of the production working with three adults guiding them to bring this show to life.” 

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