How SHS Seniors Are Coping with COVID-19

Here are some updates from our seniors at Sharon High!

Anabelle Keimach

It has definitely been difficult at times to adjust to a completely new lifestyle but I just feel lucky to be safe. While it does feel like we have been robbed of the best part of our senior year, I think out of all students, the seniors will be impacted the least so I have made peace with the idea that things may not go back to normal for the rest of our school year. Additionally, with an abundance of free time now, I am able to realize some of the things I truly and interested and want to pursue. By staying in a routine all the time with school, it can be easy to lose focus on what we really aim to achieve in the grand scheme of things. For example, I know that I love learning but it is easy to forget that when I am loaded with school work. Now, I have the time to learn for the sake of discovering new interests and expanding my own ideas on the world. I’m excited that this is just the start as I am about to enter college in the near future.  

Although I still talk to my friends daily, I miss interacting with the other people I know from my classes and clubs. I didn’t realize quite how social my life was before everything stopped.

I have been doing a lot of crafting and music related things. I started painting a new pair of jeans and I learned how to sew the other day. I have been playing my fiddle a lot which is my primary musical outlet but last week I started learning how to play the ukulele as well. Since I didn’t get a chance to during high school, I started a U.S. government and civics class which has been super interesting! Lastly, I have been spending a ton of time outdoors exercising which has been really amazing!

I am really privileged to not have as many worries about how Coronavirus will impact my family and I, so I try to focus on the positive as much as possible. I think that now is a really great time for reflection and creativity. I have seen so many innovative ways to share music, art- really anything. People are really willing to contribute whatever they can and touch (lol not physically) others by whatever means possible. I find that so encouraging and inspiring. 

Lily Zhou

It’s been really weird not being able to see my friends every day especially at the end of senior year. I also no longer have a set schedule so sometimes the days blend together a little bit. I’ve been trying to continue doing some academic work as well as focus on my other hobbies as well. 

I miss my friends the most and I wish I could see them everyday but I can’t. I also miss the structure that school provided for me as it gave me something to look forward to. I do some review work for the AP exams, but I have also taken up a few hobbies such as painting and doing puzzles. I also recently learned how to knit. To stay in touch with the people I care about, I typically facetime them or walk to their house and talk to them from their driveway. 

Isabel Boxerman

I’ve been spending a lot more time outside and with my family and trying to find new hobbies to keep me busy and happy. It’s really hard not being able to go to school and see my friends, but I’ve been trying to adapt to a life with less in person social interactions and with little routine, which isn’t always easy. 

I really miss seeing all of my friends and teachers and just being in the school and going to class. This has made me realize about all the times in the past when I complained about going to school and the little, insignificant things that go along with it. Now, I would do anything to go back and finish the rest of my senior year. I wish I could enjoy my last bit of high school and experience all the things seniors are supposed to have.

I spend a lot of time outside, like going on runs, walks, hikes, and just sitting outside and getting fresh air. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my sisters and doing things with them. I’ve been facetiming, snap chatting, and texting with my friends and all the people I care about. 

Olivia Carson

School is cancelled, prom, graduation, etc is in doubt, METG Festival was postponed, and I know people who are at increased risk that I am really worried for. The worst part is feeling like there’s nothing I can really do for people who are sick, people at risk, doctors and nurses, people who lost their jobs, and everyone who is suffering because of coronavirus. But I’m adapting okay. As long as I stay busy and in touch with friends! I miss seeing and talking to people, especially my teachers and my classmates

I keep myself occupied by starting projects like writing, learning to play new instruments,  making art, and reading books. So far, everyone I know is alright. My parents haven’t lost their jobs. I have a good relationship with my brother, and it’s nice to spend more time with him. It’s also nice to hang out with my dog more. I like being free from the stress of being in school, though I do miss it.

I hope that everyone knows that even though we can’t see each other, we are still a community. I know that I am eager to help out in any way I can and I’m sure other people are too. I want to send support to anyone who is scared or lonely or facing sickness and all my gratitude to people who are still going to work to serve others, especially people who work in hospitals. 

Julia Magit

I am not allowed to see my grandparents as they are immune compromised. I also am not allowed out to stores or anywhere that can put my health at risk. I miss having a routine, and being able to see my friends everyday.  I wish I had the freedom to go out to places I would on a normal basis (food, shopping, friends house..etc)

I facetime or zoom with people I care about. During the day I keep myself occupied by staying active (going on a walk or run) and spending time with my sister. 

Getting to spend more time with my family [is positive].. During the normal scheduled school year I am very focused on other things such as school and extracurriculars and don’t have a lot of time to just sit and talk with my loved ones.

Lindsay Resca

It feels like someone hit the pause button on my life. School, extracurriculars, everything I used to worry about on a daily basis has suddenly stopped. Where I used to feel constant pressure to rush out of school, to rush to work, to quickly eat dinner and then drive straight to dance class and then straight home to get homework done as quickly as possible, there’s a sudden lack of deadlines and due dates and reminders. It feels surreal. 

I miss having a purpose and a schedule with consequences for failing to do something. Now, I have schoolwork available to me, but it’s hard to find the motivation to do it when in the back of my mind I know it isn’t really required. I miss waking up and knowing that even if I had a challenging day ahead of me, it would at least be different than the one before. The one thing that I really with I could do but can’t is that I wish I could have kept training and preparing for a dance competition I was supposed to go to in Ireland. Although I hated the grueling dance classes that I was taking in early March at the time, there is nothing more I would rather do now.

I set myself small goals: clean out my desk, find a book to read, exercise, go outside. It’s often the same things every day, but it’s better than doing nothing. I also Facetime my friends a lot and go on walks with the ones who live nearest to me. 

I have spent more time outside and with my family in the past few weeks than in the past several months and maybe even years. I have gone on walks, spent time in the backyard with my brother, started a new TV series with my mom, and am currently going on a crusade to watch all the movies that my dad has deemed “classics”. I’m doing all the things I always said I would do if I had unlimited time (learning Portuguese, learning to solve a Rubik’s cube, playing piano), which is really fun. 

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  1. I love that so many of you are using music to help you pass the time and learn new things. Music does soothe the soul. Keep it up. Best wishes to you all, especially our seniors.

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