Welcome to Our Community Coronavirus Update Page

A letter from the editors of The Sharon Talon:

From waves of sickness spreading across the country to mass school cancellations and shifts to remote learning, to families and friends separated by closed borders and cities in lockdown, to grocery stores with empty shelves and toilet-paper shortages everywhere, to the premature ending of many sport seasons, to staying inside most of the day for weeks on end ā€” the world as we knew it has drastically changed in a mere matter of weeks in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and efforts to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Fear and uncertainty govern daily life, along with an increasing yearning for the routines of our former days. The goal of The Sharon Talon during this stressful time is to share the stories of community members as everyone struggles to adapt to a new normal. This student-run news outlet remains dedicated to making voices heard and keeping the community connected as isolation sets in for many.

This section of our online edition will be dedicated to sharing staff and student testimonials from people in our small Sharon community.

We hope to keep connecting with others through technology and social media during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and social distancing.

Please feel free to share your story by emailing us at shstalon@sharonschools.net after you have read some of our student and staff testimonials.

Stay safe and keep your spirits high! We will get through this time together!

With optimism,

Sarah and Rachel

(Senior Co-Editors in Chief)

P.S. Please appreciate this calming photo of a sunset in Sharon šŸ™‚

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