“Tiger King” Takes Quarantine Binge-Watching to a Whole New Level

By: Abby Schultz (A+E and Managing Editor)

While most people are stuck at home, Joe Exotic and his 200 tigers have made American’s lives just a little more interesting. 

On March 20th, Netflix released Tiger King, a murder documentary involving Joe Exotic and his animal park in Oklahoma. Through seven episodes, and a bonus episode hosted by Joel McHale, directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin put together a chaotic, bizarre, and amusing masterpiece. The documentary explores the life of the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic and his empire of big cats, while highlighting his hatred towards big-cat activist Carole Baskin. Now serving 22 years in prison for trafficking animals, killing tigers, and plotting to murder Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic and his outrageous story has caught the attention of millions of Americans.

Senior Julia Magit says that she recently watched Tiger King with her family and enjoyed watching every second. “I almost felt like the story was unreal at some points in the documentary because it was just so crazy,” said Magit.

“Both my family and I found Tiger King very entertaining with all the plot twists,” added Magit. 

Senior Mia Lappen says that she also loved watching Tiger King. “It was just such a crazy story and unlike anything that I have ever watched before,” said Lappen.

“It was definitely fun to watch especially while I am stuck home,” added Lappen. 

Senior Taylor Kim says that she also enjoyed watching Tiger King. “I found it very interesting to watch something that was about something that I am not familiar with, like the tigers and the lifestyle of the people in the documentary,” said Kim.

Kim adds that she agrees with the rumors that Joe Exotic repeats, the ones that claim Carole Baskin was responsible for killing her husband. “Carole Baskin killed her husband. No one can tell me otherwise,” said Kim.

Not only has Tiger King gained popularity on Netflix and in the television industry, but the documentary has also been dominating social media. Countless memes continue to be released all over Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more social media platforms. 

“I feel like everytime I go on my phone and open Instagram I see a meme that is about the relationship between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin,” said Magit. 

Joe Exotic has still found ways to get his name in the media. Just recently, Joe Exotic petitioned for a pardon, in hopes that President Donald Trump will set him free. 

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