List of Senior Superlative Winners


  1. Best hair male – Isaiah Stessman
  2. Best hair female – Sammy Foulsham
  3. Best eyes male – Brian Higgins
  4. Best eyes female – Ellie Hershman
  5. Class clown – Patrick Monaghan
  6. Life of the party – Niall Pike
  7. Cutest couple (duo) – Ben Kane & Morgan Goldberg
  8. Best glow up male – Tim Chappuis
  9. Best glow up female – Sydney Losikoff-Carey
  10. Best dressed male – Viktor Schneider
  11. Best dressed female – Jyaleen Wu
  12. Best bromance (duo) – Declan Hogan & Gabe Miller-Trabold
  13. Most infectious smile – Emma Avratin
  14. Class crush male – Michael Baur
  15. Class crush female – Sophia Lapp
  16. Best friends for life (duo) – Declan Hogan & Gabe Miller-Trabold
  17. All around best friend male – Johnny Saab
  18. All around best friend female – Taylor Kim


  1. Most likely to be president male – Ben Kane
  2. Most likely to be president female – Maya Aidlin-Perlman
  3. Most likely to become the second coming of Bill Gates – Arnav Joshi
  4. Most likely to be a Supreme Court Justice – Morgan Goldberg
  5. Most likely to win a Nobel Prize – Ryan Raikman
  6. Next Einstein – Sebastian Armstrong
  7. Most likely to host a TED Talk – Lereca Rodrigues

Artistic Things:

  1. Most likely to go on Broadway – Maddy Rothstein
  2. Most likely to start a famous band – Declan Hogan
  3. Most likely to write a novel – Rachel Wachman
  4. Most likely to be in a movie – Jasper Olson
  5. Most likely to have their art in a museum – Laurence Gao
  6. Most likely to design a fashion line – Lily Kletsov
  7. Most likely to host a talk show – Griffin Yas
  8. Most likely to become a rapper – Shamama Siroon
  9. Best handwriting – Diana Li

Just Sharon Things:

  1. Most likely to raise their family in Sharon – Julia Heitin
  2. Most likely to come back to SPS as a teacher/administrator – Sarah Hirschorn
  3. The Nest’s #1 Fan – Jake Ross
  4. Most likely to be late to graduation with an iced coffee – Kaitlyn Wallace
  5. Worst Case of Senioritis – Eric Zhang
  6. Kahoot/Quizlet king or queen (male and female)
    1. Male: Perry Olum
    2. Queen: Aarushi Dabas


  1. Most likely to be an Olympian (male and female)
    1. Male: Dan Kravetz
    2. Female: Jada Johnson
  2. Most likely to be a pro athlete (male and female)
    1. Male: Max LeBlanc
    2. Female: Jada Johnson
  3. Most likely to go into Esports – Sidd Bharadwaj
  4. Most likely to become a soccer mom/dad (male and female)
    1. Male: Brendan Arnold
    2. Female: Bella Berger

Global Impact:

  1. Most likely to change the world – Sebastian Armstrong
  2. Most likely to travel the world – Sydney Losikoff-Carey
  3. Most likely to take over the world – Suryansh Mishra
  4. Most likely to find a cure for cancer – Lily Zhou
  5. Most likely to solve climate change – Sebastian Armstrong
  6. Most likely to create the AI that saves the world – Kavya Anbarasu
  7. Most likely to become a big activist – Anabelle Keimach


  1. Most likely to go viral unintentionally – Patrick Monaghan
  2. Most likely to be Tiktok famous – Jack Zinman


  1. Most likely to be carded at 30 (male and female)
    1. Male: Joe S. Hong
    2. Female: Emma Olshin
  2. Most likely to win the Hunger Games – Stefan Pedicone
  3. Most likely to effectively communicate with an alien race – Sreekar Challa
  4. Most likely to have actually been a spy this whole time – Nikita Kasumov
  5. Most likely to continue social distancing indefinitely – Alec Filipkowski
  6. Most likely to start the zombie apocalypse – John Schustek
  7. Most likely to be stuck in a British accent the rest of their lives – Jake Fritz
  8. Most likely to have 14 cats – Kaelie Piscitello
  9. Most likely to be listening to Christmas music year round – Anya Lane
  10. Most likely to laugh at their own jokes – Eddy Bielawa
  11. Most likely to brighten your day – Niall Pike
  12. Best person to share a deserted island with – Stefan Pedicone

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