NFL Bubble Controversies

By: Rohan Bommaraju — Sports Editor

With the risks of COVID-19 in the NFL being the number one priority for the league, many want to see an NFL bubble, one similar to the one used by the NBA in Orlando, in order to protect their players from contracting the Coronavirus.

To many, a full NFL bubble is not a feasible idea as NFL roster are 52 men without staff and personnel. “The NFL bubble would only be feasible in my eyes if they did it by division,” said Sharon High School junior Shane Sekuler.

“If they did the entire league in one bubble that’s way too many people since there are 32 teams and each team has 52 players without the staff. I don’t see how it could work,” Sekuler added.

Like Sekuler, Sharon High School junior Sharanya Dabas says the idea of a bubble would not work the amount of personnel required, “I don’t think the [NFL] bubble is a feasible idea because you have 32 teams of 52 players and a crew. This would be very tough to fit inside a bubble since there would be dozens of personnel per team needed in the bubble environment.”

But some believe that an NFL bubble could work. “I think the NFL bubble idea is feasible because the NFL can be full swing right now they should be able to host a bubble. You [would] have to spread out the NFL schedule since they can’t have more than one game at one time unless they do two different locations for the bubble but there would be less exposure in different cities and hopefully less cases,” said freshman Aarav Thacker. 

In regards to the size needed, junior Amrik Eadara says there is not enough space for an NFL bubble, “Very hard for the NFL to host bubble because a lot more space is needed compared to the NBA, as teams are much larger in size and teams have much more personal.”

A bubble type format for the NFL would not only have its pros, but it comes with many cons as well. “In the bubble there would be less [COVID-19] cases, and more consistently in games with no games being cancelled or postponed. Similar to the NBA bubble though, there would be no fans, and the athletes don’t get to see their families unless they enter the bubble with them,” said Sekuler. 

In order to have a bubble, players would have to leave their families for an extended period of time. “It’s unlikely players would agree to leave their family for a couple months. And I don’t think many players would pick that option,” said Dabas.

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