Dr. Dussault Takes on the Role of Acting Superintendent

By: Audrey Trivedi — Correspondent

Dr. Meg Dussault has been named acting Superintendent after the School Committee placed Dr. Greer on administrative leave for the remainder of the term. 

The School Board decided to place Greer on administrative leave for unknown reasons after announcing that her contract would not be renewed for the following year.

Dr. Dussault, a graduate of Sharon Public schools, has been the Director of Arts for the past two years and the Director of Community Education for the past seven years. She was unanimously chosen by the School Committee to serve for the foreseeable future.

Dussault says that many of the responsibilities from her previous jobs prepared her for this position. “I had to deal with budgets, human resources, evaluations, and conflict resolution,” she said.

“I have always thought I would eventually become superintendent,” Dussault added.

Dussault says because the position is temporary and timely, it gives her time to figure out if this responsibility is something that is right for her. “I am able to test out the job of superintendent and see if it is a good fit for me.” 

This position is an acting superintendent position and when asked about her intentions of staying in the position for an extended period, Dussault says, “If I am being honest, I am trying to get through day to day. I haven’t had anytime to really think about the future.” 

“As far as changes go, there have been so many changes to SHS due to COVID that I think it is in the best interest of the community for me not to start adding any new initiatives,” she added.

Dussault says the school system has already gone through changes in regards to staff and administration as well as in the foundation of the way the district is run. She also says that it is her duty to maintain a calm presence for the schools during these unsettled times. 

She says there was little interest in the acting superintendent position, but there was a sense of urgency to fill the position. 

Dussault says that the low number of applications is the nature of a temporary administrative position. “In my case, things were very stable in my other two positions, and I knew I had a great team in place to support my programs while I took more responsibility,” she said.

Dussault also says that the position requires longer hours with a potential to disrupt home life. For her, this position opened up as a “right place, right time” sort of situation. 

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